What is the influence of the First Crescent Moon?

Quelle est l’influence du Premier Croissant de Lune ?

The first crescent Moon and the first quarter Moon appear in the sky during the waxing phase of our satellite. By harnessing the energies diffused by these two aspects of the lunar star, we can re-harmonize with nature and reconnect with our femininity. But what influence can the First Crescent and First Quarter Moon have on our lives? And how can we harness their power to improve our daily lives? Here's everything you need to know.

Definition: what is the First Quarter Moon?

The First Quarter Moon, which appears during the crescent stage of our satellite, corresponds to the third phase of the lunar cycle. It follows the new Moon and the first crescent.

At this point in the lunation, the Moon has completed a quarter of its monthly revolution around the Earth. With the Sun-Earth-Moon angle equivalent to 90 degrees, the Moon is said to be in quadrature. You can therefore see half of its visible face in the sky. Thenight star is increasingly illuminated by the Sun and begins to radiate intense energy.

What is the significance of the first crescent Moon?

In lunologythe first crescent Moon is a phase symbolizing strength, vitality, fertility and healing. It is thus associated with the ovulation period of the menstrual cycle, when women experience a surge of energy and positive emotions.

During the waxing phase of the lunar cycle, our satellite is charged with powerful energies. The first crescent therefore represents the ideal moment to work on the intentions set at the new Moon.

How to recognize the first crescent Moon?

The first crescent Moon remains easy to identify. At this point in the cycle, the lunar star takes the shape of an upside-down "C" in the sky. To be sure it's this phase, you can virtually close the "C" with a vertical line. If you get a "P", as in "first", you're looking at the first crescent Moon.

First quarter Moon: what are its effects?

The First Quarter Moon is a time of strong energies, which can have a variety of effects on our bodies. As our satellite is in its waxing phase, hair growth is often said to accelerate during this period. So, if you want your hair to grow faster and thicker, make an appointment with your hairdresser during the first quarter of the Moon. You can also take advantage of this period to care for your hair by applying nourishing balms to regenerate it.

The first quarter Moon also helps you to assimilate food and eliminate calories more easily. So you can indulge yourself, while maintaining a varied and balanced diet of course!

Finally, this lunar phase is said to have an influence on blood circulation. For some people, the first quarter of the Moon is a time when the skin is better irrigated and more supple. To reinforce this effect, remember to apply a moisturizing cream to your face, or a radiance mask.

When is the next First Quarter Moon?

To find out when the next First Quarter Moon will occur, consult the lunar calendar for the current year. Many websites offer online Moon almanacs. More detailed books are also available if you prefer a paper format.

Theyear 2023 features twelve first quarters of the Moon on the following dates:

  • January 28 ;
  • February 27
  • March 29
  • April 27
  • May 27
  • June 26 ;
  • July 26 ;
  • August 24 ;
  • September 22 ;
  • October 22 ;
  • November 20 ;
  • December 19.

What to do during the first crescent Moon?

According toastrologer Yasmine Boland, the first crescent Moon is a good time to let your dreams blossom. Between the new Moon and the full Moon, the energies of the lunar star rise in power. This gives you the strength you need to work on the intentions you set at the beginning of the cycle.

You can work towards their realization by visualizing them. To do so, simply create a mental image of the result you wish to achieve. You can also use meditation, or write a few words describing your goals and the emotions you're feeling.

The first crescent Moon is therefore a phase of conceptualization and planning of the actions you wish to carry out between now and the end of the lunation. By investing yourself fully, you'll sow the seeds of your success and attract energies of success and prosperity.

The FAQ of the first crescent Moon

How many days are there between the new Moon and the first quarter Moon?

The First Quarter Moon occurs about seven and a half days after the New Moon.

How can I recognize the first and last quarters of the Moon?

It's easy to confuse the first and last quarters of the Moon. To distinguish them in the Northern Hemisphere, place an imaginary vertical line in front of the half-moon. If you see a "P", you're observing the first quarter Moon. If you get a "D", it's the last quarter.

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