Should I wax? underarms, legs, bikini line?

Faut-il s'épiler ? aisselles, jambes, maillot ?

To wax or not to wax? Should I keep my hair? Is it dirty? But what will people think?

So many questions that many people ask themselves. Hairiness is a subject that has often been taboo (and unfortunately still is today). For a long time women were represented with smooth and hairless bodies. Many beliefs persist that a hairless body is synonymous with purity and hygiene and that, on the contrary, hair is synonymous with bestiality and virility.

Why leave hair on?

It has been proven that hair actually helps to protect oneself from external aggressions, as well as to regulate perspiration. In addition to these two points, some people stop waxing because it allows them to: save time (and money), no longer impose suffering on themselves, protect their skin and their health.

Some studies even prove that too much bikini waxing could actually cause micro lesions on the lips.

Why wax?

Some people prefer to remove hair, either entirely or only in certain areas. Whether it's for aesthetic reasons or to have soft skin, the main thing is to feel good no matter what you choose.

Whether you prefer "hair is not there for nothing" or full body hair removal, in all cases the choice is yours, it is your body and your choices. Whether it's because you don't have the time, because you're an activist or simply because you like your hair, it's your business and no one can influence your decision.

Since we like to have the opinion of our community, we asked several questions on our Instagram account @elia.lingerie. 1600 responses later, here is the summary of our survey.

In view of the results of the survey, we note that today, hairiness remains a rather taboo subject. However, we note that 82% of the respondents answered that they wax for themselves, and for no one else. And this is what is most important: choosing to remove hair, or not, for oneself et only for themselves.

In any case, hair or no hair, Elia menstrual panties are so soft that they will accompany you every day of your cycles in complete peace.

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