Should I wax my underarms, legs or bikini line?

Faut-il s'épiler ? Aisselles, jambes, maillot ?

To wax or not to wax? Should I keep my hair? Is it dirty? But what will people think?

These are just some of the questions many people ask themselves. Hair is a subject that has often been taboo (and, unfortunately, still is today). For a long time, women were depicted as having smooth, beardless bodies. Many people still believe that a hairless body is synonymous with purity and hygiene, and that hair is synonymous with bestiality and virility.

Why leave hair on?

It's a proven fact that hair actually helps to protect the body from external aggression, as well as regulating perspiration. Apart from these two points, some people stop waxing because it saves them time (and money), eliminates self-imposed suffering, and protects their skin and health.

Some studies even show that too-frequent bikini waxing can actually cause micro-lesions on the lips.

Why wax?

Some people prefer to remove all or just certain areas of their body. Whether it's a question of aesthetics or soft skin, the most important thing is to feel good no matter what you choose.

Whether you're a fan of the "hair is not there for nothing" approach or of total hair removal, in every case the choice is yours - it's your body and your choices. Whether it's for lack of time, militancy or simply because you like your hair, it's your business and no one can influence your decision.

Since we love to hear from our community, we asked several questions on our Instagram account @elia.lingerie. 1600 responses later, here's the summary of our survey.

Based on the survey results, we can see that hair is still a fairly taboo subject today. However, 82% said they waxed for themselves, and not for anyone else. And that's what's most important: choosing to wax, or not, for oneself. et only for themselves.

In any case, hair or no hair, Elia menstrual panties are so soft that they'll be with you every day of your cycle in complete peace of mind.

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