#Podcast: DME with Carole Hervé

#Podcast: DME with Carole Hervé

In this podcast, Marion welcomes Carole, mother of 3 and lactation consultant. In the first episode on breastfeeding, she explained what the first days of breastfeeding were like, and what tips to put in place for successful breastfeeding. Today, Carole tells us about DME. 

What is EMR?

Child-led diversification (CDD) involves letting children eat on their own, independently, from the age of 6 months (when they can sit up and swallow properly). This method enables children to discover different foods and textures, and to let them savor them. In the child-led diversification process, the parent does not intervene: the child takes the food in his hand and brings it to his mouth.

As the child diversifies, foods are not blended or pureed: they retain their solid form. Parents offer foods that are diversified but still adapted to their child's age.

During DME, milk remains the child's staple diet for up to 2 years, and solid foods are initially just a small addition to the diet.

The important thing is to let your child go at his or her own pace. As parents, if you feel that your child is not ready to diversify his diet at 6 months or more, then it's best to wait. The child must show an interest in food for DME. It's worth looking at what appeals to your child when you're at the table with him/her.

Are there any risks for the child with EMR?

Even if their teeth aren't out at that age, studies show that children are still capable of chewing, crushing with their tongues, sucking etc...

Certain foods should be avoided, such as chickpeas, honey (before the age of 1 - honey can contain residual bacteria which can develop a disease affecting neurons), olives, etc...

Contrary to what you might think, it's important to give milk first and foremost, followed by other solid foods.

DME gives children greater freedom, allowing them to go at their own pace and learn to appreciate all types of textures and tastes, since they are never forced to eat. With child-led diversification, children are more likely to appreciate a wide range of foods.

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