#Podcast: the power of the menstrual cycle with Gaëlle Baldassari

#Podcast : le pouvoir du cycle menstruel avec Gaëlle Baldassari

In this podcast, Marion receives the founder of "Kiffe ton cycle" Gaelle Baldassari. "Kiffe ton cycle" is a movement that aims to become aware of one's menstrual cycle in order to take power over it and to benefit from its positive effects in everyday life.

Infertility, PMA and Burnout: Gaelle tells us her story and the trials she overcame.

How can observing our menstrual cycle change our lives? Why knowledge of the menstrual cycle is an asset for women at work? Are infertility and MAP still taboo subjects today?

Affected by polycystic ovarian syndrome, Gaëlle had to be accompanied for her pregnancy project. She explains that during her MAP process, her hormonal fluctuations led her to face several problems: weight gain, violent premenstrual syndrome, breast pain, etc. At that time, she did not talk much about what she was going through and felt quite isolated.

She remembers several things about her journey towards pregnancy:

  • She had to face injunctions and remarks in her professional environment regarding her baby project
  • The lack of consideration in the medical community during her MAP process. Indeed, Gaëlle explains that they did not necessarily explain to her all the steps, all the exams she had to go through. In the same way, the doctors took little time to talk to her, listen to her and support her in her project.

Gaëlle is rather optimistic: for her, mentalities are evolving and words about menstruation and the cycle are gradually becoming free. However, she underlines an important point: reconnecting to the cycle should make us feel better, but menstrual planning (i.e. organizing one's life around one's cycle) should not be felt as a pressure. It's all about half measures.

How do you manage your cycle?

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