Where are Elia menstrual pants made?

Where are Elia menstrual pants made?

In this video, the Elia team takes you on a tour of one of our workshops in northern France. As you know, all our models are certified Origine France Garantie, and we work with 4 workshops that integrate the entire manufacturing process. Responsible, local production that respects the people who work in our workshops to create our knickers is essential to us. That's why we've decided to take a look inside our workshops to show you how our menstrual panties are made, for even greater transparency!  

100% French production!

From the weaving of the cotton to the finished product, everything is done in our workshops. 

Our mission: to offer products that comply with strict health, environmental and social standards. This is only possible by ensuring the complete traceability of our fabrics. Protect the environment by favoring short circuits, reducing our carbon footprint, supporting employment in France and preserving French know-how. Engage our customers around our values of transparency and quality.

The tour begins with the weaving of our cotton yarn. Yes, even the cotton thread is woven in our workshops in France. That's why there are so many stages in the production of our knickers.

We're looking for organic fabrics for our next upcycled collections, and we're choosing lace for our next models.

cutting period pants Atelier Elia


The absorbent material in our panties is cut by hand.

menstrual thong

Here's the lace on our Choupette thong.

Then we watch the lace and panties being assembled, and enter the sewing area of the workshop: this is where the Origine France Garantie certification is applied. This is where all the magic of our seamstresses and dressmakers takes place: all the pieces are assembled by hand. It's meticulous work: there's real know-how behind it. It takes a total of 10 machines and 5 different people to make a Choupette. That's a quality product!

Once everything has been assembled, all the little protruding wires need to be trimmed to achieve a perfect result and offer you lingerie with an impeccable finish.

period pants French

The final touch: hang the famous Elia label.

Once the Choupettes have been made, they wait patiently to be sent to your wardrobes.

Creating our future models

We're also taking advantage of this visit to talk to the workshop teams, and to get together to decide on the design of our next models!

We've got lots of projects in the pipeline, and our aim is always to offer a wide range of panties so that our menstrual panties can also be a gift!

One of the points on which we are uncompromising is the organic certification of our cotton: it's a guarantee of respect for your health, but also for the environment.


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