Where are Elia menstrual panties made?

Où sont fabriquées les culottes menstruelles Elia ?

In this video, the Elia team takes you to discover one of our workshops in the north of France. As you know, all our models are certified " Origine France Garantie" and we work with 4 workshops that integrate the whole manufacturing process. A responsible, local and respectful production of the people who work in our workshops to create our panties is essential for us. So, we wanted to go to the heart of our workshops to show you all the manufacturing process of our menstrual panties, for even more transparency!

A 100% French production !

From the weaving of cotton to the finished product, everything is made in our workshops.

Our mission: To offer products that respect strict sanitary, environmental and social standards. This is only possible by ensuring the complete traceability of our fabrics. To preserve the environment by favoring short circuits, reducing our carbon footprint, supporting employment in France and preserving French know-how. To engage our customers around our values of transparency and quality.

The visit begins with the weaving of our cotton yarn. Yes, even the cotton thread is woven in France in our workshops. That's why the manufacturing of our panties includes many steps.

We look for organic fabrics for our next upcycled collections, and we choose lace for our next models.

découpe culotte menstruelle Atelier Elia

The absorbent zone that makes up our panties is cut by hand

tanga menstruel

Here is the lace of our Choupette thong.

Then we assist to the assembly of the lace and the panties and we arrive in the sewing space of the workshop: it is in particular there where the certification "Origine France Garantie" is put. This is where the magic of our seamstresses and dressmakers operates: all the pieces are assembled by hand. It is a meticulous work: there is a real know-how behind this work. It takes a total of 10 machines and 5 different people to make a Choupette. That's a quality product!

After having assembled everything, we now have to cut all the little threads that stick out to get a perfect result and offer you a lingerie with impeccable finishing.

culotte menstruelle française

The final touch: the famous Elia label is attached.

Once the Choupette is made, it waits patiently to be sent to your wardrobe.

The creation of our future models

We also take advantage of this visit to exchange with the teams of the workshops, and to meet to decide the design of our next models!

We have a lot of projects with always for objective to propose a wide range of panties so that our menstrual panties are also a gift to offer!

One of the points on which we are intransigent: the organic certification on our cotton: it is a pledge of respect of your health, but also of the environment.

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  • Léa

    Bonjour, votre vidéo est très bien réalisée et permet de bien comprendre votre process de fabrication.Je suis du métier et votre coton n’est pas tissé mais tricoté, en effet la machine utilisée est une tricoteuse circulaire ! :) Cela ne change en rien la qualité de vos produits que j’adore

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