What influence does the New Moon have?

Quelle est l'influence de la Nouvelle Lune ?

The Moon is a star that both dreams and fears. Like the menstrual cycle, it evolves over time, changing its appearance every day. The Moon waxes and wanes, and its height also varies. Radiant in the sky on full moon nights, it fades and almost disappears on new moon nights. This exceptional New Moon holds many secrets, which we shall try to reveal.

Definition: what is the New Moon?

Also known as the "waxing moon", the new Moon is one of the phases in the lunar cycle when the Moon is positioned between the Sun and Earth. The Moon is then in darkness and barely visible from the Earth. It's also known as the black moon , since it's practically invisible to humans at night. This new moon plunges the earth into almost total darkness.

In astrology, it is said to be the union of the signs of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine.

New Moon: what are its effects?

The New Moon isa time for pause and deep reflection. The darkness it brings seems to be the ideal moment for refocusing and setting intentions for accomplishment. This unique Moon is said to have magneto-gravitational effects on living beings (animals, men and women), their organisms and our beautiful planet.

The new Moon will have a direct impact on our sleep , which will be deeper, longer and more restorative. The time it takes to fall asleep will also be shorter.

A study published in the journal Sleep Medicine by Csilla Zita Turanyi, from Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary, concludes that, unlike the full Moon, the new Moon promotes more restful sleep. This study shows a 25-minute reduction in sleep time during the full Moon phase, and a 30-minute lengthening of the REM sleep phase during the new Moon phase. The study also shows that men seem to be more affected than women.

When's the next New Moon?

To help you get a clearer picture in lunology and use the secrets of lunar cycles, here are the key dates in the lunar calendar with the dates and times of the arrival of the New Moon in 2023.

Month of lunar phase

Exact date of New Moon in 2023

Time of New Moon

Zodiac/astrological sign


Distance between Earth and Moon



Saturday, January 21

January 2023


Aquarius ♒

Sagittarius ♐

363,297 km



Monday February 20, 2023


Pisces ♓

Aquarius ♒

365 231 km



Tuesday March 21st



Aries ♈

Pisces ♓

370,737 km



Thursday, April 20, 2023


Aries ♈

Aries ♈

378,923 km



Friday May 19, 2023


Taurus ♉

Taurus ♉

388,292 km



Sunday June 18, 2023


Gemini ♊

Taurus ♉

396,961 km



Monday, July 17



Cancer ♋

Gemini ♊

403,133 km

August 2023

Wednesday, August 16, 2023


Leo ♌

Leo ♌

405,500 km

September 2023

Friday, September 15, 2023


Virgo ♍

Virgo ♍

403 447 km

October 2023

Saturday, October 14, 2023


Libra ♎

Virgo ♍

397,240 km



Monday, November 13, 2023


Scorpio ♏

Libra ♎

388,214 km

December 2023

Wednesday, December 13, 2023


Sagittarius ♐

Scorpio ♏

378,503 km

December 13, 2023 is the last New Moon of 2023. The lunar calendar ends in January 2024.

What to do during the New Moon

Sincethe New Moon is the antipode of the Full Moon, it's a good time to take care of yourself and make plans. Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a break from making decisions, and avoid any major purchases or big decisions;
  • Connect with yourself by walking alone or accompanied, in silence, in a safe, well-lit place to welcome your desires and new ideas;
  • Meditate and take the time to align yourself. Do breathing exercises, write, draw or choose any activity that frees your mind;
  • Treat yourself to a massage or a moment of relaxation by turning down the lights;
  • Detoxify by taking a purifying bath with Epsom salt or sea salt;
  • Use aromatic herbs to soothe your ailments and purify the atmosphere of your home: lavender, sage or aromatherapy oils are ideal;
  • Listen to your desires, your dreams.

Depending on the New Moon calendar, you'll also find it easier to : Take action, prepare a budget, free up your communication and exchanges, spend time with your family, shine and gain self-confidence, better organize yourself, explore your knowledge, be more ambitious, unleash your creativity and originality, etc.

New Moon FAQs

What's the difference between a Full Moon and a New Moon?

The New Moon is the lunar phase during which the Moon is almost invisible from Earth. The Full Moon is just the opposite. The Moon is illuminated by the Sun, making it fully visible from the Earth.

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