What influence does the Moon in Aquarius have on a woman?

What influence does the Moon in Aquarius have on a woman?

When the Moon passes in front of the constellation Aquarius, it activates energies specific to this air sign and spreads them to all beings living on Earth. Women, who are particularly sensitive to the effects of the lunar star, can feel certain changes in their bodies when our satellite passes through Aquarius. But whatinfluence does the Moon in Aquarius have on women? Let's find out.

What is the Moon in Aquarius?

The Moon in Aquarius corresponds to a moment in the lunar cycle when thestar of the night travels through the constellation of Aquarius. Our satellite then dispenses energies characteristic of this astrological sign.

The Moon in Aquarius invites us to travel both within and without. It allows women to give free rein to dreams, ideas and desires for elsewhere, which can be cultivated throughout the lunation. This moon is synonymous with reflection and creativity. So sis the ideal time for brainstorming.

If your moon sign is Aquarius, you'll feel these influences more intensely. Listen to your desires and think about what you'd like to do in the month ahead. By studying the lunar cycle lunar cycle and astrologyyou'll benefit from the beneficial effects the stars can have on our daily lives.

Moon in Aquarius and menstrual cycle

Since ancient times, women have observed similarities between their menstrual cycle menstrual cycle and the Moon. A lunation lasts 29.5 days, while a woman's cycle slasts 28 days. When the Moon is in Aquarius, it has specific effects on each phase of our cycle.

The Moon in Aquarius during the periods

If your period occurs during a Moon in Aquarius, you can make the most of the creative and visionary side that characterizes this zodiac sign. Reawaken your inventiveness and put your most original ideas down on paper.

During this phase of the cycle, however, it's important to rest and listen to your body 's needs. To make the most of your periods, you can use alternative medicine or yoga postures to relieve and relax.

Aquarius is not a very demonstrative sign, even though it is endowed with great sensitivity. Don't fall into the trap, and welcome all the emotions that flow through you. Enjoy the moment and think about how you might express your feelings.

The Moon in Aquarius during the follicular phase

During the follicular phase, your feminine energies are gradually recharged . When the Moon is in Aquarius during this phase of renewal, don't hesitate to get into action- without exhausting yourself, of course! There's no need to practice sport intensively. A few exercises will suffice to maintain your physical condition.

On the emotional side, you're filled with optimism and everything seems clearer. This moon will also stimulate your creativity, and you'll be unstoppable! But be careful not to impose your ideas on those around you. The lunar sign of Aquarius remains very visionary and is often one step ahead of others. Take the time to discuss, then convince!

The Moon in Aquarius during ovulation

Are you ovulating when the Moon is in Aquarius? Listen to yourself, even if this highly reflective zodiac sign may prevent you from feeling the Moon's influence. Follow your instincts: if you're tired, slow down, but if you're feeling good, go for it!

During this phase of the menstrual cycle, you'll be able to take advantage of Aquarius' great sociability. Get out of the house and share moments with the people you love. Your creativity and originality will also be in full swing. Use all this energy w isely to implement and defend the ideas that are closest to your heart.

The Moon in Aquarius during the luteal phase

The luteal phase, which heralds the end of the cycle, is accompanied by various symptoms typical of premenstrual syndrome (digestive problems, headaches, mood swings, etc.). If the Moon crosses the sign of Aquarius during this period, slow down drastically. You need to recuperate and take a step back from the excitement of ovulation.

Pay attention to your lifestyle and calmly analyze the results of your actions during the month. SIf 'they're positive, celebrate your victory calmly. SIf they're more mixed, accept the situation and any feelings of frustration you may have. You'll emerge stronger and taller!

A woman's Aquarius Moon FAQ

What is the lunar sign of Aquarius?

If the Moon was in the constellation Aquarius at the time of your birth, then your lunar sign is Aquarius. A lunar Aquarian woman is creative, avant-garde, thoughtful, sociable and thirsty for freedom.

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