What influence does the Moon in Scorpio have on a woman?

What influence does the Moon in Scorpio have on a woman?

Who hasn't read articles in the press about the Moon's influence on our behavior, emotions and personality? Here, everyone raises their hand! Astrology experts, lunar cycle experts, podcasts, magazines - there's no shortage of resources on the subject!

Do you believe that the zodiac sign has an established influence on personality or emotions? If so, get ready, the lunar sign might just have something to say to you! But what about when you're a woman (and, as you know, we have our share of hormonal variations during the month?). And what about a Moon sign in Scorpio? Explanations and clarifications!

What is the Moon in Scorpio?

The Moon's position during the lunar cycle also corresponds to a zodiac sign. According to astrology experts, the Moon's position during the month influences the twelve signs of the zodiac. As the Moon is considered a star linked to our emotions and sensitivity, its position at the time of our birth would de facto have a more or less marked effect on our behaviours and ways of acting. The Moon symbolizes emotions and fertility. This is also the reason why the Moon and the menstrual cycle are (and the conditional is a must!) somehow linked.

But to return to our subject, the woman having her Moon in Scorpio means that at the time of her birth, the lunar cycle in astrology was positioned in the sign of Scorpio. The Moon in Scorpio is "recognized" by a fiery character and a remarkable tendency for passionate states ! We can also mention that these people are rather mysterious and very sensitive, with a marked instinct and a good ear for their feelings.

And when it comes to the menstrual cycle and the Moon, it's fair to say that beliefs abound. A woman's Moon in Scorpio and her menstrual cycle: a look at the (potential!) effects.

Moon in Scorpio and menstrual cycle

A woman's menstrual cycle lasts 28 days (although this varies from person to person), while the lunar cycle lasts around 29 days. This similarity, though troubling, has so far never led to scientific proof of a connection between the two cycles.

But despite the absence of scientific fact or serious studies, beliefs continue to abound, and astrology experts continue to believe that the menstrual cycle and the Moon are linked.

Myth or reality? The real question is what each person feels inside during their menstrual cycle!

The Moon in Scorpio during the periods

A woman with her Moon in Scorpio will find that the week of her periods is far from a period of rest! On the contrary, it's a phase conducive to revolution and metamorphosis. The energy of Scorpio gives him dynamism and drive, making all his projects intense and productive. The periods period is therefore the ideal time to put your goals into perspective, and face them one by one without fear or hesitation.

Remember that a person whose Moon is in Scorpio is a true witch (in the positive sense of the word!), capable of lifting mountains to achieve her desires: and this phase is perfect for using her gifts!

The Moon in Scorpio during the follicular phase

The follicular phase, which follows menstruation, is synonymous with growth and development, as it correlates with the preparation of an ovum by the ovary. It's a phase during which a woman with her Moon in Scorpio pursues her goals with confidence (and the elegance she's known for). Her desires and powers of seduction are at their peak, so she may as well make the most of them.

Mrs. Scorpio is rather direct(even authoritarian), which is not to everyone's liking. But she's unstoppable, and goes straight for what she wants, with the sole aim of achieving what she's set out to do. A real storm!

The Moon in Scorpio during ovulation

The fateful phase of the month! The one when, in the space of a few days, an ovum is available and ready for potential fertilization. It's a time when a woman with her Moon in Scorpio sees her erotic potential explode. If this character trait isn't the most discreet under normal circumstances, ovulation brings out the seductress in her! Emotions are on a roller-coaster ride, jostling others as they go. Be careful not to get carried away, or you risk offending more than one person! If possible, people with their Moon in Scorpio should take advantage of ovulation to strengthen their ties with family and friends.

The Moon in Scorpio during the luteal phase

The luteal (or pre-menstrual) phase comes at just the right time to calm the overflowing energy of a woman whose Moon is in Scorpio. And with fatigue on the rise, rest is more than necessary. This is the time to let go of all accumulated emotions, express love or anger, let go of tears or laughter, welcoming everything that comes up.

What's on the agenda? Rest, reconnection, comfort food and gentler activities.

Scorpio moon FAQ for women

What is the lunar sign of Scorpio?

A person said to have their Moon in Scorpio (i.e., their lunar sign) was born on a day when the Moon was positioned in the Scorpio zodiac. The lunar sign corresponds to the Moon's position at the moment of birth. People with their Moon in Scorpio are reputed to have strong intuition, particularly intense emotions, and a marked tendency for passionate outbursts! Negative traits of people with a Moon sign in Scorpio include jealousy, possessiveness, mystery, stubbornness and manipulation.

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