What influence does the Moon in Pisces have on a woman?

Quelle est l'influence de la Lune en Poisson chez une femme

When the Moon lingers in the constellation of Pisces, it captures the energies specific to this water sign and redistributes them to the beings living on Earth. Highly receptive to the effects of the lunar star, women can notice noticeable changes in their daily lives when our satellite aligns with Pisces. But whatinfluence does the Moon in Pisces have on a woman? We tell you all about it.

What is the Moon in Pisces?

The Moon in Pisces corresponds to a period of the lunation during which the night star passes through the constellation of Pisces. Our satellite thus spreads energies typical of this astrological sign.

This moon brings a great deal of sensitivity and emotion to women. Feelings and desires may resurface, especially if you've kept them buried. Be courageous and welcome this tidal wave of emotions with gentleness.

The Moon in Pisces is also synonymous with daydreaming and creativity. So don't launch into a project that requires too much organization or rigor. You can, however, start thinking about it and sketching out the broad outlines.

As the zodiac's final representative, Pisces symbolizes the end of a cycle, but also renewal. When thenight star is under its influence, it's easier to take stock and look to thefuture. If you're familiar with the lunar cycle and astrology, you'll be able to significantly improve your daily life.

Moon in Pisces and the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle and the Moon are indisputably linked. In fact, a lunation covers roughly the same period as a woman's cycle. When the Moon is in Pisces, it has a particular influence on each phase of our cycle.

Moon in Pisces during menstruation

If your period coincides with a Moon in Pisces, you'll feel more receptive than usual, and you'll enjoy an overflowing intuition and imagination. So listen to your body and trust your instincts to look after yourself during this delicate period.

The emotionalism and sensitivity of the sign of Pisces will also enable you towelcome the flood of contradictory emotions that manifest themselves during your menstruation. Take time to dream, give free rein to your ideas and let your creativity flow. Be careful, however, not to become too disconnected from the real world.

The Moon in Pisces during the follicular phase

During the pre-ovulatory phase, a woman's energies begin to rise. When this phase of renewal occurs during a Moon in Pisces, your intuition and emotions are heightened. It's time to take action, but gently! Follow your feelings to find out what physical activity suits you best.

You'll also be a real "emotional sponge"! So be careful to keep only the feelings that will do you good, such as love and joy. You'll also be able to make the right decisions by listening to the advice of those around you.

Moon in Pisces during ovulation

Are you ovulating during a Moon in Pisces? You'll feel full of love, empathy and compassion. You'll find yourself in perfect harmony with your femininity and sexuality.

You'll also tend to put your imagination and inventiveness at the service of others. However, be sure to set limits to protect yourself from possible disillusionment.

During the ovulation phase, you can finally take advantage of the creative energies instilled by the sign of Pisces. Try your hand at painting, writing or photography, for example. Find the artistic activity that will allow you to express yourself and share your ideas.

The Moon in Pisces during the luteal phase

As you enter the luteal phase, your cycle comes to an end. Energies tend to diminish and certain symptoms of premenstrual syndrome begin to make themselves felt (anxiety, irritability, sore and swollen breasts, heartburn, etc.). So remember to get as much rest as possible and eat properly to preserve your strength as much as possible.

If the Moon crosses the constellation of Pisces during this period, you may be much more sensitive than usual. As the drop in hormones affects your emotions, the Moon in Pisces amplifies this tsunami effect. It does, however, enable you to accept fully and calmly whatever upsets or delights you.

Thecreative spirit of Pisces also animates you during this phase. It allows you to think about the future and the actions you'll take in the next cycle.

Pisces Moon FAQ for women

What is the lunar sign of Pisces?

Your lunar sign is Pisces if the Moon was in the constellation Pisces at the time of your birth. A lunar Pisces woman is altruistic, emotional, sensitive, passionate and highly imaginative.

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