What is the influence of the Gibbous Moon?

What is the influence of the Gibbous Moon?

The Moon's cycles continue to fascinate, not least because of their many effects on mood swings and the body. It's not unusual to observe a link between the Moon's phases and the quality of our sleep, our menstrual cycle or our emotions! New moon, waning moon, gibbous moon: we explain how the latter works!

Focus on the Gibbous Moon and its effects, a lunar phase which occurs several times during each lunation...

Definition: What is a gibbous moon?

The Gibbous Moon refers to the period when the Moon is more than half lit, just before and just after the full Moon. In lunologywe speak of a waxing and waning Gibbous Moon. Derived from the Latin word gibbum, meaning rounded, the term gibbous takes on its full meaning when you consider that only a small part of the Moon is hidden (with a very thin crescent shape).

What is the significance of the waxing Gibbous Moon?

The waxing Gibbous Moon refers to the phase between First Quarter and Full Moon, and occurs two to three days before Full Moon.

What is the significance of the waning Gibbous Moon?

The waning Gibbous Moon represents the phase between the full Moon and Last Quarter. Logically, it usually occurs two to three days after the full Moon.

Gibbous moon: what are its effects?

In her book Lunology , Yasmin Boland examines the eight phases of the Moon and their effects on our moods and our bodies. During the waxing Gibbous Moon phase, it's not uncommon to feel restless, even stressed or anxious!

During the waning or waning Gibbous Moon phase, you may feel theneed to reconnect with yourself, or even toisolate yourself, from the emotions that are necessary and essential to move towards greater rest and letting go.

What to do during a Gibbous Moon?

According to Yasmin Boland, the waxing Gibbous Moon phase is a time to be open-minded about what life has to offer, and to persevere. It's a time when it's important to stay focused on your goals, without letting fear get the better of you. Flatten the things that seem difficult, reorder your priorities and meditate!

As for the waning Gibbous Moon phase, this swill be the ideal time to accept what cannot be changed, to surrender to what is, and above all to relax and reconnect with our emotions. It's a time to sort things out (whether in your home, or in your life!), to rest and take care of ourselves.

Why not take the opportunity to disconnect from social networking, reading, comforting meals and cocooning moments?

Lunar calendar

Our advice: if you're in any doubt about the Moon's current phase, consult a lunar calendar!


The gibbous moon FAQ

How long does the waxing Gibbous Moon last?

The waxing Gibbous Moon, which s'is observed between the first-quarter phase and full Moon, lasts only a few days, between the tenth and fourteenth day of the lunar cycle. As a reminder, a Moon cycle slasts approximately 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes.

How can you tell the difference between a lunar eclipse and a gibbous moon?

The Gibbous Moon is very different from a lunar eclipse! Indeed, during a lunar eclipse, the Moon lies between the Earth and the Sun, which has the direct consequence of momentarily "masking" the Sun. The Gibbous Moon, on the other hand, lasts for several days (two to three days before the full Moon, and two to three days afterwards). During the Gibbous Moon phase, only a small portion of the Moon is obscured (and more than half remains visible, as it is illuminated by the Sun).

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