What is the influence of the waning Moon?

What is the influence of the waning Moon?

Working with the energies dispensed by the Waning Moon can greatly improve our daily lives. In astrology, this lunar phase is a key moment of influence for many people, especially women. But how does the Waning Moon affect us? And what actions can we take to make the most of its power? Here's how.

Definition: What is the Disseminating Moon?

The Disseminating Moon corresponds to the waning stage of the lunar cycle. It begins the day after the full Moon and s'ends on the day of the new Moon. This s'is the second part of the lunation. During this period, which lasts around two weeks, three phases can be observed in the sky:

  • the waning Gibbous Moon ;
  • Last Quarter Moon;
  • the last crescent Moon.

Thelunar star is less and less illuminated by the Sun. Its visible face will diminish until it disappears completely.

What is the significance of the waning Moon?

After the full Moon, charged with powerful energies, the waning Moon seems less important at first glance. In lunologyhowever, it represents an essential phase for letting go. The waning Moon symbolizes the decline of energy, which goes hand in hand with the weakening of its brilliance.

This is a time forintrospection, relaxation and contemplation, but also forfreeing yourself from situations that weigh on your daily life. To help you make the most of these lunar energies, you can practice yoga or meditation. These two activities will help you gather your thoughts while accepting the events of your past and present life.

Before you can regenerate and set in motion new actions, it's essential to slow down and regain a certain balance. At the end of this lunar phase, you'll be able to start thinking about your projects and the steps you'd like to take in the weeks or months ahead.

Disseminating moon: what are its effects?

Although the disseminating Moon 's energies are more subtle, it nonetheless has certain effects on health. In particular, it is said to influence blood circulation. Some people may find their blood flow slows down during this waning phase, and suffer from joint and muscle pain. Is this your case? Consider massaging yourself with arnica- or camphor-based balms.

The waning Moon is also an ideal time to detoxify the body and drain the liver. You can therefore carry out purifying beauty treatments while consuming green tea and avocado, for example.

Finally, this lunar phase is said to have an effect on hair growth. If you want to slow it down, visit your hairdresser when the Moon is spreading.

When is the next waning Moon?

To find out when the next waning Moon will occur, we recommend you refer to the lunar calendar for the current year. You can find one directly online, or in paper format at your favorite bookshop.

Theyear 2023 is punctuated by thirteen waning Moons:

  • January 8 to 20 ;
  • February 6 to 19 ;
  • March 8 to 20 ;
  • April 7 to 19 ;
  • May 6 to 18 ;
  • June 5 to 17 ;
  • July 4 to 16 ;
  • August 2 to 15 ;
  • September 1 to 14 ;
  • September 30 to October 13 ;
  • october 29 to november 12 ;
  • November 28 to December 12 ;
  • from December 28 to January 10, 2024.

What to do during a spreading Moon?

In her book Discovering the Healing Powers of the Moon,astrologer Theresa Cheung offers a number of tips on how to make the most of the energies of the spreading Moon. We've seen that this lunar phase is ideal for taking stock, reflecting and letting go. In this way, you can free yourself from hindrances that prevent you from moving forward, from toxic relationships or even from certain behaviors that are harmful to your health.

Here are seven rituals to put in place at this time of the lunar cycle:

  1. Meditate on your past experiences and take the time to share your feelings with those around you;
  2. Tidy up your workspace, your home and give up your bad habits;
  3. Pursue your projects and set new goals;
  4. Recharge your batteries by getting out into nature more often;
  5. Offer your help to a family member, a friend or an association;
  6. Use the power of stones to relax by wearingamethyst or jade, renowned for their soothing properties;

Project yourself into the future by making a commitment to change your life and move forward until the next lunation begins.

The Disseminating Moon FAQ

How can you tell whether the Moon is waxing or waning?

To find out whether the Moon is waxing or waning in the Northern Hemisphere, just take a look! l When observing our satellite, imagine placing a virtual bar to close the quarter or crescent Moon. If you get a "P" for "first quarter", the Moon is waxing. If you get a "D" for "last quarter", the Moon is waning.

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