What influence does the Moon in Capricorn have on a woman?

Quelle est l'influence de la Lune en Capricorne chez une femme

When the Moon passes through the constellation of Capricorn, it attracts energies specific to this astrological sign and transmits them to living beings on Earth. Some women thus perceive changes in their moods and bodies when thelunar star passes through Capricorn. But what influence does the Moon in Capricorn have on a woman? We explain.

What is the Moon in Capricorn?

The Moon in Capricorn designates a period of the lunation during which our satellite settles in the constellation of Capricorn. The star of the night therefore diffuses energies linked to this zodiacal sign.

This moon makes us aware of the importance of work and planning. It encourages us to put our thoughts and tasks in order.

All of a sudden, we feel more motivated and let go much more easily to move forward. Lunar cycle and astrology need to be studied together to make the most of thestars' influence on our daily lives.

Moon in Capricorn and menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle and the Moon are intimately linked. The length of a lunation and a woman's cycle are essentially the same. When the Moon is in Capricorn, it exerts a different influence on each phase of our cycle.

Moon in Capricorn during menstruation

If you're menstruating during a Moon in Capricorn, you can take advantage of thehomely influence that characterizes this earth sign. Take time to rest, meditate and catch up on lost sleep. The menstrual phase can be grueling! Slow down to renew your feminine energies and, above all, don't feel guilty about it.

Make the most of the pragmatism and rigor typical of the lunar sign Capricorn. Be frank, get to the bottom of your problems and find an effective, workable solution. However, don't let go of your most fanciful dreams and thoughts, which can be fulfilled in another period of the cycle.

The Moon in Capricorn during the follicular phase

During the pre-ovulatory phase, your estrogen levels and energies gradually rise. When the Moon is in Capricorn during this period of renewal, you need to take action!

Get your body moving again, and use your enthusiasm and vitality to accomplish new projects. The Moon in Capricorn during the follicular phase also strengthens your determination and enables you to focus on your ambitions.

Moon in Capricorn during ovulation

Does your ovulation occur during a Moon in Capricorn? You'll be in top form and feel good about yourself. Lunar Capricorn symbolizesultimate fulfillment.

During this period, you can express your emotions and feelings loud and clear. Let your loved one or family members know that you love them. Also thank the people who have been able to help you. The key is positive communication! Get out of your bubble and spread your well-being and happiness all around you.

The Moon in Capricorn during the luteal phase

If the Moon is in the sign of Capricorn during your luteal phase, start taking time for yourself and listen to your body. During this period of the cycle, energies tend to diminish, and you may experience certain symptoms of the famous premenstrual syndrome (mood swings, headaches, intestinal problems, etc.).

To lift your spirits and unblock your energies, opt for a good massage or a Qi Gong session. Do you have dark circles and a dull complexion? Apply a regenerating mask to your face.

Don't hold back your emotions! Express them, even if they're negative. Accept your weaknesses and turn them into strengths to help you move forward. Finally, take advantage of this time of solitude to take stock of the events of this cycle.

Capricorn Moon FAQs for women

What is Capricorn's moon sign?

If your lunar sign is Capricorn, this means that the Moon was in the constellation of Capricorn at the time of your birth. A lunar Capricorn is organized and serious, but also very quiet and home-loving.

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