What influence does the Moon in Aries have on a woman?

What influence does the Moon in Aries have on a woman?

The Moon is said to have an influence on women. Let's find out what it does when it's under the sign of Aries , according to the different stages of your menstrual cycle.

What is the Moon in Aries?

The lunar cycle lasts approximately 29.5 days (the number of days required for the moon to circle the Earth). In astrology, the moon is said to align itself with the different signs of the zodiac every 2.5 days. This is why the lunar cycle and astrology interact together to determine your personality, your actions and your way of being.

Apart from the cycle of the moon, there are other cycles in the world, such as the cycle of the Earth revolving around the Sun. This cycle lasts 1 year. Finally, the last cycle that defines our days is the Earth's rotation around itself.

Moon in Aries and menstrual cycle

Women, too, have a menstrual cycle for most of their lives. It lasts around 28 days, more or less depending on the individual. The menstrual cycle comprises different phases: periods , which is the first phase of the menstrual cycle, the follicular phase, ovulation, and finally the luteal phase. All the different phases of the menstrual cycle have their own particular dynamics. Throughout history, women have always been associated with the moon, while men have more often been associated with the sun. What about the association menstrual cycle and the Moon ? We tell you all about it!

The moon in Aries during the periods

If you have your periods during the moon in Aries, one key word: rest. Use the period of your periods to rest mentally and physically and prepare lfor the arrival of your next cycle. When the moon is in Aries, she'd like to skip this resting phase. But this is the time tolisten to your body, to its signals, and to slow down. The same goes for your emotions. If you're dreading this phase of slowing down, your zodiac sign's dirty temper is likely to surface... So take advantage of this moment to accept slowing down, to be more fragile. Slow down and take advantage of this pause to take stock of your desires and projects. Planning helps you to manage the overflow of energy you may feel at this point in the cycle.

Moon in Aries during the follicular phase

The follicular phase is also known as the pre-ovulatory phase. At this time of the cycle, your body is bursting with energy and your inner Aries is fulfilled. Physically, this period is synonymous with power, renewed energy and tone. Take advantage of this to get back into your sports routine, if you're doing any, or into any projects you may have been thinking about the week before. Emotionally, you're more stable again.

Moon in Aries during ovulation

During ovulation, your libido is at its peak. It's a time when you're fully aware of your strengths and capabilities. As for your emotions, you'll probably want to share them with your other half, to love as well as to please.

Moon in Aries during the luteal phase

As the cycle draws to a close, you enter the final phase: the luteal phase. During this phase, it's generally advisable to slow down, recharge your batteries and get some rest. Moreover, this rest is also essential on an emotional level: the Moon in Aries increases all your feelings tenfold, and all your emotions seem to be heightened. To ensure that this moment goes as smoothly as possible: welcome your emotions, even the most fragile ones, as you lhave done during previous phases.

The FAQ of the moon in Aries for a woman

What is the moon sign of Aries?

In astrology, the lunar sign is one of the components of your birth chart. It is defined by the position of the Moon at the moment of your birth. It's different from your sun sign and ascendant. It gives you information about your personality and inner emotions.

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