What is the influence of the Balsamic Moon?

Quelle est l'influence de la Lune Balsamique ?

The lunar cycle is said to have an impact on our bodies and energies. Indeed, according to the different phases of the cycle, the moon will have an influence on our daily lives. Whether it's our emotions, our sleep, or our menstrual cycle.

Definition: what is the Balsamic Moon?

The lunar cycle lasts exactly 29 and a half days. The Moon goes through different phases:

  • Full Moon ;
  • First Quarter ;
  • The first crescent;
  • The waxing Gibbous Moon ;
  • New Moon;
  • Balsamic Moon, discussed in this article;
  • Third quarter;
  • Dissemination;

At lunologyIn lunology, the moon is said to be waxing when it passes from New Moon to Full Moon, at which point it becomes larger and larger in the sky. Conversely, the moon is waning or descending when it gets smaller day by day, from Full Moon to New Moon.

The word balsamic comes from the word balsam, meaning to heal or relieve. It appears 10 and a half days after the Full Moon, extending to 3 days before the New Moon.

Balsamic Moon: what are its effects?

The moon is in balsamic three days before the New Moon. The Balsamic Moon invites calm and rest. It's a time when it's advisable to tidy up, sort, clean and reset your body, for example by going on a diet or fasting. The aim is to clear the air and start afresh, to reconnect with yourself.

It's not a time to start a business. On the contrary, it's best to take advantage of the absence of opportunity before changing phases and becoming more inclined to start new projects.

When will the next Balsamic Moon be?

To find out the moon's cycle and which phase we're in, you can start watching the moon. And if you want to know the Moon's position in real time, you can use a lunar calendar.

What to do during the Balsamic Moon?

The Balsamic Moon is the ideal time to make room for healing and relief. It's a time to forgive, and to be in a better position to restart your cycle. During this period, you can relax and refocus on yourself. The Balsamic Moon begins about 10 and a half days after the Full Moon, and lasts until a few days before the New Moon. This is the wisest moon phase of the lunar cycle.

Balsamic Moon FAQ

How many days does the lunar cycle last?

The lunar cycle lasts 29.5 days. It begins with the New Moon (i.e. when it's entirely in the earth's shadow), in its waxing phase, to reach the Full Moon (when it's fully illuminated), to set off again in a waning phase to return to the New Moon.

Why am I sensitive to the moon?

Just as the moon influences the tides, it is also thought to influence our emotions, stress levels, energies and much more. Some people are more sensitive to the moon, especially during the changes between waxing and waning phases.

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