What influence does the Moon in Libra have on a woman?

What influence does the Moon in Libra have on a woman?

The influence of the Moon throughout the lunar cycle in astrology is well documented (to say the least!). Whether it's in astrology books, (often) women's magazines, or even podcasts: it's definitely a theme that's enjoying some success! But the Moon's influence on emotions, character and the body is most often described in terms of the individual's lunar cycle. The lunar sign depends on the Moon's position at the time of a person's birth.

What is the Moon in Libra?

According to astrology experts, the position of the Moon influences the twelve signs of the zodiac, and does so throughout the months. The Moon is a star "reputed" to have an impact on our emotional states, not least because it symbolizes maternity, sensitivity and emotions.

If you're already convinced of the influence of the zodiac sign on personality, emotions or the body, then the lunar sign may well speak to you. But what about its influence on women?

According to the precepts of astrology, the position of the Moon in one of the signs of the zodiac at the time of our birth has an influence on the way we experience life's events. A woman with her Moon in Libra means that the lunar cycle in astrology was positioned in the sign of Libra on the day of her birth.

Concerning the menstrual cycle and the Moon, it's a very personal feeling! That said, here's what astrologers have to say about the influence of the Moon in Libra on women and their menstrual cycle.

Moon in Libra and menstrual cycle

In astrology, the belief that there is a link between the menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle stands the test of a lack of scientific study! It's true that the average length of a woman's menstrual cycle is 28 days, and that the lunar cycle is 29 days, but let's not forget that every woman is unique and has her own way of working!

And yet, despite the scientific void, many people believe that the lunar cycle and the menstrual cycle are "related". What influence does the Moon's position have on the menstrual cycle, especially for women whose Moon is in Libra?

The Moon in Libra during the periods

Every month, for a few days, we celebrate the arrival of periods ! And as we all know, it's not always easy emotionally. In the case of a woman with her lunar cycle in Libra, this would seem to be a phase not very conducive to partying and socializing. And for a woman known for being very sociable, this is not a rosy period! So it's time to take stock of the positives and negatives in your life, and why not do a little digital detox to refocus on yourself.

On a physical level, the periods period for women with their Moon in Libra is ideal for taking care of their body. What's on the agenda? Treatments, massages, scrubs, wraps or gentle yoga.

Your watchwords? Follow your intuition, listen to your fatigue and remember that you are exceptional.

The Moon in Libra during the follicular phase

The follicular phase means egg development in the ovary! It's time to open your door and reach out to others. A woman with her moon sign in Libra is renowned for loving to seduce and prove to the world that she's incredible. Well, the follicular phase is ideal for exploding into the open! Big decisions, ambition, confidence, listening: in short, energy bursting with positivity!

The Moon in Libra during ovulation

D-Day is here, or rather the 3 or 4 days around ovulation! For women whose moon sign is Libra, this is the key moment of the cycle, the time to spring into action and go straight for your goals. Professionally, put your cards on the table and show your confidence in yourself and your skills, it'll be more than beneficial!

The Moon in Libra during the luteal phase

This is the calm phase, which follows ovulation and precedes the return of menstruation. The luteal phase is when fatigue begins to be felt: there's no point trying to mask your fragility or fight against this slowdown.

The woman with her moon sign in Libra will have to welcome this moment with kindness and, if possible, serenity! Emotions could also be on a roller-coaster ride, with little urges to cry or unexplained anxiety. Don't worry, your hormones are hard at work!

How do you cope with this period? Observe this downward energy as best you can, even if it means asking lfor help from those closest to you. Change your mind, try a new sporting activity: in short, don't just sit around brooding!

Libra moon FAQ for women

What is the moon sign of Libra?

The lunar sign of Libra is associated with the position the Moon had at the time of a person's birth in relation to one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The Libra lunar sign is determined according to whether the Moon was in transition in the sign of Libra at the time of birth. The sign of Libra is often associated with a creative, balanced personality with a strong sense of justice. Librans are renowned for their need for intellectual stimulation and social interaction!

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