Which podcasts to listen to this summer?

Which podcasts to listen to this summer?

Which podcasts to listen to this summer?

To accompany you during your tanning sessions, reading, cooking, nature walks and on the road to your vacation, we've put together a little guide to the best podcasts to listen to this summer :) On many different themes. Let's get started!


  • La Famélia podcast by Marion. The Elia podcast, available from July!

  • The ON(WARD) Fashion podcast podcast from The Good Goods. If you're interested in responsible fashion, you're probably familiar with The Good Goods, but did you know they also have a podcast? Victoire Satto, the podcast's founder, interviews personalities working for social and environmental change in the lfashion industry. Every Tuesday at 7am, you'll find interviews with industry professionals, entrepreneurs and committed brands. Marion, our founder, was recently invited by The Good Goods to record a podcast on the creation of Elia and the menstrual panties market. 
  • The Salut, ça va? podcast A podcast founded by Léa @Jenesuispasjolie on social networks, and one of her friends Mathilde Besset who is a clinical psychologist. Every Monday, they tackle psychological topics ranging from eating disorders to toxic relationships to hypersensitivity. The subjects are varied, and each episode offers a better understanding of what's being discussed, with a view to detaching ourselves from the preconceived ideas we may have about certain key issues in our lives, while offering non-judgmental advice. 
  • The Bliss Stories podcastthe pregnancy andchildbirth podcast. You'll find plenty of testimonials, stories that differ from one another but are all real and moving. Clémentine Galey created this podcast with the aim of talking about motherhood, pregnancy and childbirth in a relaxed, unfiltered and non-judgmental way, so that every woman is free to tell her story, because every experience of this moment in life is unique!
  • If you like true stories full of twists and turns, Transfer is the podcast for you. Every week, you'll get to meet a stranger and hear his or her story. Each episode is different, and no two stories are alike. Listen to it like a series, except that you can listen to the episodes in any order you like. 


  • The In Power podcastThis podcast, founded by Louise Aubery (@mybetterself), is a real dose of inspiration. In each episode, Louise welcomes a guest: entrepreneur, sportswoman, activist, influencer, doctor, journalist, teacher, author, restaurateur, the list goes on! Each guest talks to us about his or her journey, how they got where they are, motivation, ambition and how to live the life we want. The themes addressed in each episode are very different, but always very interesting. We follow the discussion attentively, feeling lthat we're part of it!
  • The Coming Out podcast. In this podcast, well-known and lesser-known personalities tell us about their coming out and how they managed to s'accept it completely. A podcast that tackles important subjects. Each episode is very interesting and poignant, and gives a voice to members of the LGBTQI+ community. It's a podcast imagined by Elise Goldfarb and Julia Layani, to be listened to without moderation!
  • The Nouveau Modèle podcast is the podcast founded by Chloé Cohen. Here, Chloé and her guests talk about responsible, committed fashion. She invites inspiring women designers, entrepreneurs, stylists and models who have chosen to s'commit to better fashion. The podcast covers topics such as feminism in the lfashion industry, human rights, environmental and social responsibility.

Don't hesitate to share your favorite podcasts with us in the comments!

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