The hypopressive: benefits during menstruation?

L'hypopressif : des bienfaits pendant les règles ?

What is hypopressive?

Hypopressive is a technique used in abdominal rehabilitation, especially in post partum. It can also be used for low back pain, posture problems, back problems, abdominal problems, ... It is a technique that combines a precise breathing rhythm with apneas, stomach vacuum type, and precise postures linked together.

How can hypopressive therapy be beneficial when you have your period?

Dysmenorrhea, which is pain during menstruation, can be short and last for two or three days, or it can last for the entire cycle. If they are present throughout your cycle, you can consult a doctor. Often, the pain is related to adhesions between the uterus and the viscera around it. These pains can be disabling on a daily basis, but there are natural solutions to relieve this.

How can I practice hypopressive when I have my period?

To practice hypopressive, you must go see a trained professional. To reduce pain during your period, you can practice cardiac coherence, to benefit from the advantages of slow and deep breathing. You can also do abdominal massage to restore some movement in the viscera, and stomach vacuum to increase blood flow to the abdomen and decrease adhesions.

Can hypopressive be practiced alone?

It is better to be supervised by professionals because the breathing rhythm will be different and adapted to the patient, depending on her breathing capacity. On your own, however, you can practice cardiac coherence: this breathing technique allows you to relax and thus reduce pain.

What are the benefits of hypopressure during her period?

If you are bloated, the hypopressive will allow to improve the transit and to limit the bloating. It will also allow to limit the pains by lifting the adhesions by the mobilization of the viscera. Thanks to all this, there will be an improvement of the circulation towards the abdomen, which will also decrease the pains.

And do not forget, if you suffer from dysmenorrhea, the menstrual panties in organic cotton make your periods softer because they do not add an additional aggression at the level of the genitals, which can be the case of the traditional periodic protections.

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  • Estelle

    Mon médecin m’a prescrit des séances de kinés après mon accouchement en hypopressif. Sur internet je vois que ce n’est pas vraiment ce que propose Estelle Kiné. Ca a l’air plus technique… Peut-on avoir une vidéo sur le sujet ? Comment s’inscrire à une formation ?

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