The hypopressive: benefits during periods ?

The hypopressive: benefits during periods ?
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What is a hypopressive?

Hypopressive is a technique used in abdominal rehabilitation, particularly in the post-partum period. It can also be used for lower back pain, posture problems, back problems, abdominal problems, etc. It's a technique that combines a precise breathing rhythm with apneas, stomach vacuum type, and precise postures in sequence.



How can hypopressive be beneficial when you have your periods ?


Dysmenorrhea, which is pain during menstruation periods, can be short-lived, lasting two or three days, or last for the whole cycle. If they are present throughout your cycle, you should consult your doctor. Very often, pain is linked to adhesions between the uterus and the viscera around it. These pains can be disabling in everyday life, but there are natural solutions to relieve them.



How can you practice hypopressive when you have your periods ?


To practice hypopressive therapy, you need to see a trained professional. To reduce pain when you have your periods, you can practice cardiac coherence, to enjoy the benefits of slow, deep breathing. You can also use abdominal massage to restore movement to the viscera, and stomach vacuum to increase blood flow to the abdomen and reduce adhesions.



Is hypopressive practiced alone?


It's best to be supervised by professionals, because depending on your breathing capacity, the breathing rhythm will be different and adapted to the patient. On your own, however, you can practice cardiac coherence: this breathing technique helps you to relax and thus reduce pain.



What are the benefits of hypopressive periods ?


If you're bloated, hypopressive therapy will improve transit and limit bloating. It will also limit pain by lifting adhesions through mobilization of the viscera. Thanks to all this, circulation to the abdomen will improve, which will also reduce pain.



And don't forget, if you suffer from dysmenorrhea, organic cotton menstrual pants make your periods softer, because they don't add an extra aggression to the genitals, which can be the case with conventional periodical protection.



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