Feminism washing, feminism to sell?

Le féminisme washing, du féminisme pour vendre ?

In the team, we are feminists! We have values of openness, equality, freedom of expression. We observe many brands that carry these messages but whose DNA is totally free of them. You see, this has a name!

What is feminism washing?

Feminism is a set of thoughts and actions, political, cultural and social movements that aim at equality between men and women, as well as the extension of the role of women in society.

However, in the last few years, and following the example of greenwashing, some companies have seized on the feminist wave which is gaining more and more momentum.

Feminism-washing, also called "women washing", is the fact that some companies put forward a so-called feminist commitment, with the sole aim of giving themselves a good image or selling more. In fact, in recent years, the opinion of buyers has increasingly taken into account the societal commitment of companies, so it is in their interest to look good. This marketing process to give themselves a committed and feminist image is unfortunately often only a showcase that hides a non-existent adhesion to the movement and its values. It is then easy to show oneself as feminist with advertising, publicity campaigns and t-shirts with committed slogans. However, many disparities between male and female employees persist internally, including the wage gap for equal positions, which is just one example.

In any case, at Elia, our commitments are real and are part of our DNA. We invite you to discover our commitment to the fight against endometriosisour eco-responsibility, our productionour values and all our articles on our blog and Instagram :)

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