Discover the steps involved in creating our period swimwear !

Discover the steps involved in creating our period swimwear !

This year, we launched our first period swimwear !

Our main objective was to make it look like you and perfectly match your expectations. So it's the fruit of a co-design! We're very proud of the fact that this swimsuit was created thanks to you, our customers.

We've decided to take you behind the scenes of the making of our period swimwear Arielle. We're off!


Step 1: Gathering our community to design the ideal swimsuit 

Our period swimwear was first and foremost born of the Elia team's desire to offer you an effective, feminine period swimwear for summer 2021. We wanted this jersey to reflect the image of the brand's customers.

We designed our period swimwear with the help of 3,000 customers, who overwhelmingly gave their opinions - and all in less than 24 hours! Once again, this call for projects enabled us to see the commitment of our community, and we're very grateful. Thanks to you, Arielle was born according to YOUR wishes!

As usual, for every product launch, we have surrounded ourselves with health professionals, gynecologists and midwives, in order to design a swimsuit that respects your intimate parts, all the more so during periods.

They advised us to opt for a two-piece swimsuit (good thing, that's what you wanted too!) because it's easier to change than a one-piece swimsuit, and means you don't have to stay in a wet swimsuit for hours on end. In fact, keeping a bathing suit wet, especially during its period of periodsThis encourages the development and proliferation of bacteria and fungi responsible, for example, for mycosis, as they are particularly fond of warm, damp environments. Health professionals therefore advise you to change your swimsuit as soon as you get out of the water, or at least as soon as possible.

Step 2: The look of the jersey

Once we'd collected your requirements, we set about designing the sketches. As we've seen, you wanted a two-piece swimsuit with a triangle top and high-waisted panties. The advantage of choosing a two-piece period swimwear is that it suits more body types. You can choose one size for the bottom, and another size for the top, depending on your needs. You can also buy just the top or the bottom, and mix and match with your own swimwear by mismatching the two pieces. This is how we set about creating sketches that are as close as possible to your expectations as set out in the form.

With the same idea in mind, we decided to create a reversible swim top because so many of you wanted black and color. By being reversible, our period swimwear top makes it possible to satisfy all your desires and have two swimsuits in one! It's available in two colors: black/blue or black/red. This choice of color was not made at random, it allows you, as soon as you get out of lthe water, to take off your swimsuit bottoms and put on your blue or red Sixtine so you're dry and can continue to tan serenely, without anyone suspecting that you're wearing a period pants.

Stage 3: Fabric selection and production launch

For our period swimwear, we've chosen to offer you fabrics that always benefit from Oeko-Tex certification, as well as certification for the organic cotton yarns used to weave the cotton fabric. What's more, our jersey is of course Origine France Garantie, an essential value at Elia!

Once the fabrics and colors have been chosen, it's time to validate the gradation with our workshop, all remotely (thanks to covid), before launching the long-awaited production.

This stage involves a great deal of discussion and inquiry, and is ultimately the longest step in the whole process! But it's also the one that makes the project a reality, and means you can have our Arielle swimsuit in your own hands!

Step 4: Showcasing Arielle!

But before we can offer you a swimsuit, there's one very important step: the shoot!

It's an opportunity to showcase our favorite swimsuits on the website, but also on social networks.

For the occasion, we went to Cassis where we were lucky enough to be welcomed by some extraordinary people to take some lovely photos and make a beautiful video!

Step 5: It's your turn!

Last but not least, it's up to you to write it. What better than our own customers to sublimate this period swimwear to perfection?

We hope you'll like our period swimwear Arielle and that it's just what we wanted it to be!

We can't wait to hear your feedback, and we sincerely hope you love it!

Please note, however, that the swimsuit is suitable for small flows, i.e. at the beginning or end of periods. For heavy flows, we still advise you to use another internal sanitary protection if you want to swim in complete peace of mind.

A recent IFOP survey revealed that 74% of menstruating women do not go swimming when they have their periods. So go ahead and enjoy your summer without worry!



To thank you for participating in the creation of our period swimwear, we're offering you the chance to win 3 of them! You can enter by commenting on the blog post and indicating the color you'd like. To double your chances, you can also participate on our YouTube channel: just click on the video vlog below to discover the design of our period swimwear in images, and leave a comment below the video.




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