Discover the steps to create our menstrual swimsuit!

Découvrez les étapes de la création de notre maillot de bain menstruel !

This year we launched our first menstrual swimsuit!

Our main objective was to make it look like you and to make it fit perfectly. It is therefore the result of a co-design! This swimsuit is born thanks to you, our customers and we are very proud of it.

We decided to let you enter the backstage of the manufacturing of our Arielle menstrual swimsuit. Here we go!

Step 1: Gathering our community to design the perfect swimsuit

Our menstrual swimsuit was first born from the will of the Elia team to offer you an efficient and feminine menstrual swimsuit for the summer 2021. We wanted this swimsuit to be in the image of the brand's customers.

We designed our menstrual swimsuit with the help of 3,000 customers who massively gave their opinions in less than 24 hours! This call for projects allowed us, once again, to see the commitment of our community, and we are very grateful. Thanks to you, Arielle was born according to YOUR desires!

As usual, for any product launch, we surrounded ourselves with health professionals, gynecologists and midwives, in order to design a swimsuit that respects your intimate part, especially during your period.

They advised us to choose a two-piece swimsuit (good thing, that's what you wanted too!) because it's easier to change than a one-piece swimsuit and allows you to avoid staying in a wet swimsuit for several hours. Indeed, keeping a wet bathing suit, especially during your period, favors the development and proliferation of bacteria and fungi responsible, for example, for mycosis, because they particularly appreciate warm and humid environments. These health professionals therefore advise you to change your swimsuit as soon as you get out of the water, or at least as soon as possible.

Step 2: The look of the swimsuit

Once the needs were collected, we started to design the sketches. As we saw, you wanted a two-piece swimsuit with a triangle top and high-waisted panties. The advantage of this choice of a two-piece menstrual swimsuit is that it goes to more body types. It is possible to choose a size for the bottom, and another size for the top, depending on your. You can also just buy the top or the bottom and mix and match with your own swimwear by mismatching the two pieces. So we set out to create sketches that are as close as possible to your expectations as stated in the form.

In the same idea, we decided to create a reversible swim top because many of you wanted black and color. By being reversible, our menstrual swimsuit top allows to answer all your desires and to have two swimsuits in one! It is available in two colors: black/blue or black/red. This choice of color was not made at random, it thus allows you, as soon as you leave water, to remove your bottom of bathing suit and to put on your blue or red Sixtine in order to be dry and to continue to tan serenely, without anybody suspecting that you carry a menstrual slip.

Step 3 : The choice of fabrics and the launching of the production

For our menstrual swimsuit, we made the choice to propose you fabrics which always benefit from the certification Oeko-Tex, as well as the certification on the threads in organic cotton used to weave the cotton fabric. Moreover, our jersey is of course "Origine France Garantie", an essential value at Elia!

Once the fabrics and colors are chosen, it's time to validate the gradation with our workshop, all remotely (thanks to covid), before launching the long awaited production.

This step requires many exchanges and requests, it is finally the longest step of the whole process! But it is also the one that makes the project concrete and thanks to which you will be able to have our Arielle swimsuit in your hands!

Step 4 : The enhancement of Arielle !

But before offering you the swimsuit, there is still one very important step: the shooting!

It is the opportunity to put in images our darling swimsuit on the website, but also on social networks.

For the occasion, we went to Cassis where we were lucky enough to be welcomed by extraordinary people to make nice pictures and a beautiful video!

Step 5 : It's up to you !

The last step and not the least, it is up to you to write it. What better than our own customers to sublimate this menstrual swimsuit to perfection?

We hope that you will like our Arielle menstrual swimsuit and that it is, as we wished, at your image!

We can't wait to get your feedback and we hope you will love it!

A small precision however, the swimsuit is adapted to the small flows, i.e. at the beginning or the end of the period. During heavy flows, we still advise you to use another internal sanitary protection if you want to swim in complete serenity.

An IFOP survey has just revealed that 74% of menstruating people do not go swimming when they have their period. So now don't hesitate and enjoy your summer without worrying!


To thank you for having participated in the creation of our menstrual swimsuit, we offer you to win 3 of them! You can participate by commenting on the blog post and indicating the color you want. To double your chances, you can also participate on our YouTube channel: just click on the video of our vlog below to discover the design of our menstrual swimsuit in pictures, and leave a comment under this video.

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  • Megane

    J’avais participé ! Je suis trop contente, je vais racheter un maillot de bain menstruel Elia !

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