The lunar cycle and feminine astrology

Le cycle lunaire et l’astrologie au féminin

The lunar cycle and feminine astrology are intimately linked. For thousands of years, the moon has been at the center of beliefs and myths about the management of hormones, emotions and character. A star that impacts the earth, it is also believed to have an impact on the human body. A unique satellite for millennia, it enables ethnic groups and religions to find answers and meanings to life and the afterlife.

The lunar cycle and the signs of the Zodiac

The lunar cycle and astrology should not be confused with the signs of the Zodiac or its ascendants.

  • Zodiac signs correspond to the location of the sun on the day of birth. This sign embodies our masculine side and has an impact on our sociability and personality;
  • The lunar sign is also defined at the moment of the child's birth, according to the Moon's position in the birth chart. It represents our feminine side and will impact our love profile, our emotions and our receptivity.

Like Yin and Yang, the solar and lunar cycles create a balance. The ascendant sign is calculated on the hour of your birth, and will weight your Zodiac sign.

The ancient Greeks, aided by the Egyptians and Babylonians, formed and assigned 12 houses of the heavens to specific deities, which today represent the signs of the Zodiac. The lunar cycle and astrology are used to interpret and predict the future, and to communicate with the Divine. The Western model, based on Roman and Greek traditions, is the most widespread today.

Calculate your Moon sign

There are specialized websites for calculating your Moon sign. Alternatively, you can refer to the following method.

Lunar value of your year of birth

First, use the following table to identify the number corresponding to the year of your birth. For leap years, add one to your number.

1927 : 17

1936 : 26

1945 : 9

1954 : 17

1963 : 25

1972 : 7

1981 : 16

1990 : 24

1999 : 5

2008 : 14

1928 : 0

1937 : 10

1946 : 18

1955 : 26

1964 : 8

1973 : 17

1982 : 25

1991 : 7

2000 : 16

2009 : 25

1929 : 12

1938 : 20

1947 : 0

1956 : 10

1965 : 19

1974 : 26

1983 : 8

1992 : 17

2001 : 26

2010 : 7

1930 : 21

1939 : 2

1948 : 11

1957 : 20

1966 : 1

1975 : 10

1984 : 18

1993 : 27

2002 :8

1931 : 3

1940 : 12

1949 : 22

1958 : 2

1967 : 11

1976 : 20

1985 : 1

1994 : 9

2003 :19

1932 : 13

1941 : 23

1950 : 4

1959 : 12

1968 : 21

1977 : 3

1986 : 11

1995 : 20

2004 : 2

1933 : 25

1942 : 5

1951 : 13

1960 : 23

1969 : 4

1978 : 12

1987 : 21

1996 : 2

2005 : 12

1934 : 7

1943 : 14

1952 : 24

1961 : 6

1970 : 13

1979 : 23

1988 : 4

1997 : 13

2006 : 22

1935 : 16

1944 : 25

1953 : 7

1962 : 15

1971 : 24

1980 : 5

1989 : 14

1998 : 22

2007 : 4

Identify the lunar value of your birth month

Once you've identified the number corresponding to your year of birth, you'll need to find out which one relates to your month of birth. Here's a list to help you find the right value:

  • January: 0 ;
  • February: 4 ;
  • March: 4 ;
  • April: 8 ;
  • May: 11 ;
  • June: 14 ;
  • July: 17 ;
  • August: 21 ;
  • September: 24 ;
  • October: 27 ;
  • November: 3 ;
  • December: 6.

Calculating the final lunar value

Once you've found the lunar value of your year and month of birth, add these two numbers to your day of birth. You should have a number between 0 and 110.

Once you've got your number, here's how to proceed:

  • If you have a number between 0 and 28, you can go directly to the Moon sign to which it corresponds;
  • On the other hand, if you get a result between 29 and 54, you need to subtract 27 ;
  • For a number between 55 and 81, subtract 55 ;
  • And finally, for a number greater than or equal to 82, you must subtract 82 from this number.

Determine your Moon sign

You can now determine your Moon sign using the final value obtained. Here are the different possible results:

  • Moon sign Aries for numbers 0, 1, 27 or 28 ;
  • Moon sign Taurus for numbers 2, 3 or 4 ;
  • Moon sign Gemini for numbers 5 or 6 ;
  • Moon sign Cancer for numbers 7 or 8 ;
  • Moon sign Leo for numbers 9 or 10 ;
  • Moon sign Virgo for signs 11, 12 or 13 ;
  • Libra moon sign for signs 14 or 15 ;
  • Moon sign Scorpio for signs 16 or 17 ;
  • Moon sign Sagittarius for signs 18 or 19 ;
  • Moon sign Capricorn for signs 20, 21 or 22 ;
  • Aquarius moon sign for signs 23 or 24 ;
  • Pisces moon sign for signs 25 or 26.

Female horoscope: how does the Moon affect your menstrual cycle?

With synodic periods of 29 days (time between two full moons) that are almost identical to menstrual cycles, the Moon is an element of temporality that is said to have an impact on the production of our hormones. The moon will exert its influence on a woman's body and mind in different ways, depending on her menstrual cycle. Throughout its cycle, called a lunation, the moon aligns itself with the different signs of the zodiac, changing sign approximately every 2? days. Discover the effects of the menstrual cycle and Moon according to your sign.

Moon in Aries for women

The Moon in Aries brings positive energy and passion to a woman's activities. She's daring and adventurous, but sometimes impulsive in her emotions. Freedom and emotional independence are values she holds dear. However, the woman with a moon in Aries is also spontaneous and self-confident. Find out more about the moon in Aries for women in this article.

Moon in Taurus for women

A Taurus moon in women implies a stable attitude, based on security and comfort. Their down-to-earth character is also coupled with a developed sensuality. She's said to be patient, reliable and true to her values. In addition to seeking personal comfort, she will look for emotional comfort and stability in her relationships. Find out more about the moon in Taurus for women in this article.

Moon in Gemini for women

The Moon in Gemini gives a woman a curious nature, based on communication and discovery of others. Her emotions are exacerbated, and can change rapidly from high to low. A woman with a Moon in Gemini needs constant intellectual stimulation to express her desire to share, but also to show her emotions to others. Find out more about the moon in Gemini for women in this article.

Moon in Cancer for women

The Moon in Cancer offers women great sensitivity, as well as a heightened family spirit. She is gentle, caring and above all maternal with those close to her. A woman with a Cancer moon needs a stable relationship to guarantee her emotional security. More attached to her past than to the future, her choice of relationships reflects her life experience. Find out more about the moon in Cancer for women in this article.

Moon in Leo for women

A woman's Moon in Leo confers a warm aura, a big heart and a generosity without name. These women are faithful, confident and upright in their decisions. They seek administration and recognition to feel fulfilled, not the other way around. Women with a Moon in Leo are creative, not to mention outspoken. Find out more about the moon in Leo for women in this article.

Moon in Virgo for women

A woman's Virgo moon shows an analytical and pragmatic spirit, similar to that of a woman in Taurus. She's devoted to the people around her, and is often a perfectionist in her activities. Although the woman with a moon in Virgo is emotionally calm, she needs structure in her life to balance her strong inner emotions. Find out more about the Virgo moons in women in this article.

Moon in Libra for women

The Moon in Libra brings to a woman a strong sociability and a need to get along with her peers. She is a communicator and diplomat, which explains her search for emotional balance. Her main focus is cooperation, and she generally avoids conflict situations by trying to show empathy. Find out more about the moon in Libra for women in this article.

Moon in Scorpio for women

The Scorpio Moon in a woman shows intense, passionate emotions. Although mysterious at first glance, a woman with a Scorpio moon becomes deeply emotional as she gets to know her. She's always eager to recharge her batteries and reconnect with her inner emotions. Her mind is always searching for information and solving problems. Find out more about the moon in Scorpio for women in this article.

Moon in Sagittarius for women

The Moon in Sagittarius implies an optimistic, forward-looking nature in women. Her way of being is spontaneous and natural, which also gives her an adventurous spirit. She needs to keep control of her emotions, and release them from time to time by expressing herself with those closest to her. Although women with a Moon in Sagittarius are idealistic, they don't hesitate to change path according to their emotions. Find out more about the moon in Sagittarius for women in this article.

Moon in Capricorn for women

A woman's Capricorn Moon is synonymous with discipline, rigor and ambition. She's resilient, but doesn't let herself be pushed around. Her serious and responsible nature helps her to move forward, although she needs emotional stability. However, a woman with a moon in Capricorn needs to earn her trust before her loyal attitude can be seen in friendship and love. Find out more about the moon in Capricorn for women in this article.

A woman's Aquarius moon

A woman's Aquarius Moon allows her to express her independent and progressive vision of life. She may be eccentric in her way of being and unpredictable in her emotions, but she's nonetheless an emotionally free and fulfilled woman. The woman with a Moon in Aquarius will seek above all to satisfy her ideals, often turned towards human relationships. Find out more about the moon in Aquarius for women in this article.

Moon in Pisces for women

A woman's Pisces Moon implies sensitivity and empathy. Her emotions sometimes get the better of her, especially compassion, but this allows her to flourish in her social relationships. She is dreamy and romantic, which makes her susceptible to influence. However, the great imagination of the woman with a Moon in Pisces enables her to expand her personal horizon and constantly reinvent herself. Find out more about the moon in Pisces for women in this article.

The FAQ of the lunar cycle in astrology

What is the lunar sign?

The lunar sign is indispensable in astrology. Unlike the Sun sign, which refers to how active and sociable we are, the Moon sign refers to our emotions, our love profile and our ability to receive things.

How do you calculate your Moon sign?

You can simply use an online website. With your year, month and day of birth, you'll get your Moon sign in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, you can use the method mentioned earlier in this article to calculate your Moon sign.

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