How did endometriosis help me overcome myself?

Comment l'endométriose m'a aidé à me dépasser ?

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To begin with, I'd like to tell you a little more about the story of Marion, the creator of Elia. Since the age of 12, Marion has suffered from heavy, extremely painful periods. At 18, she was diagnosed with advanced endometriosis. Today she tells you about her journey and the difficulties associated with this disease, as well as those linked to pregnancy, since she has recently become a mother.

6 long years of pain and misunderstanding

Marion had her first period at the age of 12: heavy, irregular and very painful, lasting up to 15 days a month. Long considered "normal", these pains stayed with her until she was 18: sports sessions became a living hell, and outings with friends were often postponed.

"They were like appendicitis attacks, like very painful punches, or knives stuck in my lower abdomen".

Then one night, while she was asleep, an unbearable pain woke her up, until she passed out.

"My parents immediately called SOS Médecin. The doctor thought it was appendicitis, then colic.

The next day, after an ultrasound scan, the verdict was in: 4 cysts, one of them 5 cm in diameter, were lodged on Marion's ovaries. The heaviness of the cysts had caused ovarian torsion and internal bleeding. Surgery was essential.

"I had the cysts removed and many adhesions cauterized. After that, I was put on artificial menopause for 1 year and took the pill continuously for 10 years."

At just 18 years of age, she was told that she would surely have great difficulty having a child. Adhesions and cysts had damaged her ovaries, and there was little chance of her ever becoming pregnant naturally.

"It was shock and incomprehension. I was at an age when I wasn't yet thinking about pregnancy, and yet I was already being told that I might never be able to be a mother".

Ten years of the pill and artificial menstruation followed, with ultrasound and MRI scans performed at the slightest sign of pain to check that the adhesions weren't growing.

The desire for a child

Then came the desire to have a baby, and once again it was a long road for Marion and her husband. In addition to endometriosis and new adhesions, she suffers from premature ovarian failure. In other words, she has more or less the ovarian reserve of a woman aged 45.

The couple then entered a race to freeze Marion's oocytes and hope one day to have a baby. As French regulations are not very flexible in this area, the only way out is to carry out a PMA (medically assisted procreation). Thanks to her doctor, Marion was able to enter an accelerated protocol for PMA.

But nothing went according to plan: after an initial IVF, five oocytes were harvested. Only one embryo survived. It turned out 15 days after IVF that this little "embryo warrior" was the one.

"We were an almost hopeless case and yet... Here I am, 9 months later as a mother. Today, my daughter is 4 months old and I'm overjoyed. I wish this happiness to all those who wish to be parents".

The creation of ELIA Lingerie

Without the pill for almost 2 years, Marion was once again experiencing very heavy, random periods. At the time, she used tampons.

"I had repeated mycoses because the tampons were drying out my vaginal mucosa. I had to find another solution".

So she decided to create an alternative more suited to her: menstrual panties that would allow her to feel comfortable during this period.

"With the Elia panties I had created with Apolline, I was able to feel much freer. Wearing just one pair of panties is so simple, but what a relief!"

Before launching this Elia adventure, she had in fact tested other brands of menstrual panties.

"When I created Elia, I wanted to create feminine panties that would fit every day of my cycle. It was important that they be created with the most natural materials possible. We also wanted them to be made in 100% France.

The Elia brand will thus see the light of day in April 2019. Marion and Apolline work on the brand alongside their respective jobs. Marion is entering the PMA process. Elia is also a way of raising awareness of endometriosis.

The use of panties

"During my pregnancy, and especially at the beginning, menstrual panties served as a panty liner. Extremely useful when you've just come out of MAP and are on progesterone therapy".

During her stay in the maternity hospital, Marion wore the sanitary towels supplied by the medical department on the first day, as well as the famous "fillet panties" that all mothers remember! She then tried on the Elia panties and never left them, wearing only the ARMANDE shorty, as well as a new item (available soon on our e-shop).

"What comfort during post-partum! Since then, I've decided to give panties to all my girlfriends about to give birth, because the feeling of comfort and softness is so great! When Apolline and I created Elia, we never thought we'd get this far. xtagstartzspan style="font-weight: 400;">this far. Today, we feel we're doing ourselves a favor, but we're also doing it for our friends, our daughters, our families, for you, who are reading this article, and for all women who are looking for better menstrual protection, healthier for their bodies and for the planet."

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