How to de-demonize the periods? Christine's testimony

Comment dédiaboliser les règles ? Témoignage de Christine

Christine is 36 years old, a lover of life who defines herself with many labels. Artist, personal development coach and trainer, she is also present on Instagram with a personal page @christinerotsen and a page dedicated to interviews @lifeeverywhere_media.

But Christine is also one of our clients, and not only! She was selected among others to be an Elia lingerie model for a shooting. Indeed, at Elia lingerie, we had the will to put forward our own customers for our shootings. With the idea that they were the best representatives of the brand and its values. We felt it was our duty to put forward all the bodies, all the morphologies, all these singular paths and all these magnificent women.

So today, Christine comes back to us with a lot of good humor about her job, her relationship with menstruation, and what has changed for her the menstrual panties Elia lingerie. But she also gives us her little life lesson.

How does a session with you go?

"A session with me lasts about 1 hour to 1h30. There is a lot of exploration because what I do in fact is not to advise. I don't advise, I don't live life in the place of people in fact. So what I do in the exploration is really to go and understand how the person sees life, what is his representation of reality? And in fact afterwards we work with different tools, in my toolbox, and the idea is that when I feel blocked in my life it is because I have a representation of my reality that blocks me. So my job as a coach is to go and identify, to shed some light on the places that are in the shadow of this person and to say to him or her "this is how you see life, what do you want to do, what do you want to change? And there the change takes place, so we really talk about beliefs: what do I believe? What do I see? And when I switch my beliefs, it will change my behaviors, my way of acting towards others, my relationship with myself, my environment, etc. But it really happens at the level of my perception of life.

What is your main activity?

"Right now, here's what's going on, is that I'm very active on Instagram. It's a medium that I really like, I'm having a lot of fun on it. There's the visual, at the same time the text, etc. So what I do on Instagram: I have two accounts, there is my personal account @christinerotsen. Right now I'm doing a series called "Master your energy", so every Tuesday I launch a little episode with a personal development key to master your energy. And there is an account on which I do interviews, which is called @lifeeverywhere_media. On this Instagram, every Monday I do an interview with an inspiring person who comes to tell the story of their life in fact. So who comes to tell their life, their vision of things, what they transmit, what they embody. And why? First of all, I really want to give space to people to express themselves, we come back to the notion of self-expression, and because I find that in the idea of listening to testimonies, sometimes we can get answers for ourselves. Not all the time of the accompaniment, of the personal development, sometimes really, there are people who are inspiring. The main message that I transmit, the bottom line, is really get to know yourself. Life is a tool of self-knowledge and the more I get to know myself, the more I can align myself in my life."

What is your relationship with your period?

"I've already had my periodxtagstartzspan style="font-weight: 400;"> very early. I don't know, maybe when I was 10 and a half, but that's still early. Well, I think it's early. And I think that I had them and I knew what menstruation was globally, but I was undergoing it. At that age I was subjected to it. I think that for a long time I was subjected to it because I think that we are, or we were, and this is changing, but in a society that demonizes menstruation, blood, etc. So I think that for a long time I was subjected to it. So I think that for quite a few years I was subjected to it, and I was in pain. And then especially with regard to my cycle I learned, I got information. I also learned to know myself at this point, we come back to self-knowledge. And thus to understand that my cycle lasted a certain number of days, that the energies according to the days were different, that if I adapted my schedule to my cycle it was perhaps more pleasant to live. I also understood that 3 days before I wanted to eat a lot of sugar and cakes, and now I do it and I don't feel guilty. So in fact, now I live my cycle better. So on the days of the period, there are the symptoms that one can experience, the extreme fatigue, etc. But my professional career means that I can live with my cycle better. But my professional career means that I can adapt my schedule to that. And I have de-demonized this idea of blood, of "it's dirty, help me". No, in fact, it's life that expresses itself, in the end it's that. And I think that in fact every month I thank my body for functioning, finally."

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