Mental workload, periods, menstrual cycle: what's the link?

Mental workload, periods, menstrual cycle: what's the link?

Today Major Movement takes over our podcast La Famélia to talk to us about mental load and its potential link to the menstrual cycle with Camille.

What is mental workload? 

Mental workload is defined as thinking about several things at the same time, and refers to all the demands made on the brain while working.

Camille explains that there are generally 4 phases in the cycle: there's a week when you feel great, you feel free and the mental load tends to be forgotten. The week just before periods is more complicated, as it's the time when you're waiting for your periods to arrive. The week of periods is rather liberating. Finally, the week after is an in-between time. 

Sometimes, irregular cycles can disrupt the mental load.

In today's "classic" society, women are still more responsible than men for day-to-day household tasks and running the home (although this is changing). So, the mental load is twofold: in addition to having to manage the personal mental load relating to cycles, you also have to manage the mental load relating to the family. 

What tips can you use to accept this mental burden, or at least deal with it better?

Camille explains that when she was on hormonal contraception, she was less aware of the variations in her cycle and the resulting emotions. Now that she's off hormones, she confides that she feels much more in tune with her body and its symptoms, and this helps her to accept herself, her body and the different states it goes through. The important thing to remember is to try and listen to yourself, and accept yourself as you are. 

According to Camille, there's a lack of people to talk to about periods and contraception. It's sometimes difficult to find someone who takes the time to talk to you, beyond the usual medical examinations. To find people who are open to discussion.

When you feel that there's a wave of emotions, whether explained by the cycle and hormones or not, it can be interesting to accept them (even if it's hard) while taking a breath and stepping back from the situation.

All these emotional fluctuations, whether related to the cycle or not, are simply part of life. Being aware of them helps us to know ourselves better, and to anticipate our emotions.

Team Elia's tips for reducing your mental workload at periods :

- Wear your prettiest period pants Elia to feel comfortable

- Getting closer to your best friend the hot water bottle

- Taking time for yourself

- Read a good book

- Cooking a special meal periods

- Do a sports session

- S'initiate to yoga

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