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Adèle nursing bra

Adèle nursing bra

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Sizing guide

Product size Chest circumference Back/bust measurement
S 75 à 90 63 to 77 cm
M 95 à 100 78 to 87 cm
L 100 à 105 88 to 92 cm
XL 105 à 115 93 to 102 cm
XXL 115 à 130 103 to 118 cm
The chest circumference corresponds to the size at the point of the breasts, where the chest is at its largest. The back or bust measurement is taken just below the breasts.
This model fits snugly under the bust, and is fuller at the cup level for greater ease of movement. The underbust adjustment notches make it possible to adjust the bust size in case of pregnancy, hormonal variations or milk production.

      Adèle nursing bra

      55 total reviews

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      Discover our nursing bra, the result of a collaboration with Tziganette, a family-owned brand that's revolutionizing fashion in the world of breastfeeding.

      This unique lingerie Tziganette x Elia will make life easier for breastfeeding moms, but not only! A unique, evolving bra that slips on like a bolero and fastens under the bust for unique comfort. Sublime recycled geometric lace covers our organic cotton at the front, and reveals the transparent back at the back, for a solid, weight-bearing support.

      A comfortable bra for breastfeeding

      It s'adapts to cup changes during pregnancy and even well afterwards, all thanks to an ingenious system for varying the bust size. Its innovative adjustments provide up to 6 cm of extra adjustability at bust level, for comfort in all phases of breastfeeding and lactation. Our Adèle bra is compatible with our nursing pads sold separately, which can be attached to the inside of the bra using an invisible fastening system. Of course, it can also be worn as a conventional bra.

      Our Adèle bra is also suitable for women who have had a mastectomy or breast surgery, thanks to the comfort of all-cotton in contact with the bust and the absence of underwiring. A prosthesis can then be discreetly slipped inside the wrap-around bra, in a dedicated pocket to hold it in place. Its easy-access front closure makes it an ideal post-operative bra.

      Our models are shown in size S.

      Composition: organic cotton jersey (93% organic cotton, 7% elastane) and recycled lace (polyamide)

      How is the price of our Adèle nursing bra calculated?


      What if your sanitary protection was your most beautiful lingerie?

      Adèle nursing bra
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      - 22/09/2023
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 55 reviews
      Véronique S.
      The inner clip rubs against my

      The inner clip rubs against my ribs and hurts. I can't wear it.

      Alizée T.
      Very disappointed

      The bra is very pretty, but not suitable for larger cup sizes ("overflowing" breasts). This bra is available at XXL but must not have been tested on "real" people, as it's obvious that it's not suitable for large cup sizes. It needs to be reworked.

      Hello Alizée,

      Thank you for your feedback,

      For this first collaboration, your feedback is very important for us to improve.

      Please note that you have 14 days to return a product that does not suit you.

      A beautiful day,

      Elodie P.

      Very nice.
      However, the seams where the staples are sewn hurt me in the long run. Unfortunately, I can't wear it for a whole day.

      Emmanuelle G.
      Badly cut

      In view of the comments I had taken XXL, fesant generally a XL. The underbust is good, tight to the max, but the cups are way too big even though I'm a D cup!

      Hello Emmanuelle,

      Thank you for your feedback,

      Your comments will help us improve our future collaborations on this type of product.
      Please note that if the size does not suit you, you have 14 days to return the product.

      Have a nice day,

      Lucile H.
      Not for me

      Not for my body type, small bust size, crushes my chest when it's already small and not comfortable. I returned the product and it didn't fit at all.

      Hello Lucile,

      Thank you for sharing your opinion.

      Your feedback is essential for us to improve our products.

      Have a nice day,

      Cathy G.


      Fanny B.
      A little disappointed despite a nice discovery!

      The idea of a heartwarmer is great, the material and patterns are beautiful. However, the clip system is a bit impractical as it digs into my skin. The designer bra is small.

      Hello Fanny,

      Thank you for your feedback,

      Your opinions are very important to us in improving our products, especially when s're new products and collaborations, as is the case with our bra.

      We wish you a wonderful day,

      Rebecca R.
      Very nice but needs a little improvement

      The bra is very pretty (the lace is sublime) and practical, with one small drawback for me: on the one hand, the fastening system is on the inside, and if you tighten it to the minimum, the fasteners are uncovered and in direct contact with the skin, which isn't very comfortable.

      Hello Rébecca,

      Thank you for your feedback,

      Your feedback is very important in improving our products for future collaborations like this one.

      Have a nice day,

      Sophie F.
      Size small despite indications

      Size small despite the indications but despite that I'm a fan of the concept of the front closure at l! And the back is really hot!

      Opheline G.
      Delighted to have been able to order this

      Delighted to have been able to order this long-awaited bra.
      I followed the size recommendations but I don't know if I made a mistake. I find that it doesn't hold my breasts very well.

      Hello Opheline,

      Thank you for your feedback,

      The Adèle bra being our first collaboration on a product of this type, your opinions are essential to our improvement.

      We'll pass on all your feedback to our creative team and to Tziganette!

      Very nice continuation,

      Have a nice day,