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period swimwear 1 piece Donna Fuchsia

Maillot de bain menstruel 1 pièce Donna Fuchsia

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Revolutionize your periods by the sea or pool with our period swimwear one-piece Donna one-piece. Bring some pizzazz to your swims with this pretty fuchsia pink color .Forget the stress of periods at the beach or pool.

period swimwear 1 piece Donna Fuchsia

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period pants Elia's technology is ultra-thin and invisible!

- Certified organic cotton in contact with the skin. Knitted in our workshops to be as draining and absorbent as possible

- An ultra-absorbent fabric made from eucalyptus fiber (Tencel), which quickly absorbs and dries the most abundant periods

- Leak-proof PUL fabric guarantees up to 12 hours of effectiveness.

- Certified organic cotton to encapsulate the absorbent zone!

  • 5 to 7 years

    how to use our menstrual lingerie

  • 3 months

    to make your period pants

  • 2346

    disposable sanitary pads saved

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Elia technology

Hydrophilic draining organic cotton in contact with your skin, inside and out

with our draining seams and waterproof layer

Anti-odour and anti-bacterial
thanks to our absorbent fabric made from eucalyptus fibres

How is the price of our period swimwear 1-piece Donna Fuchsia calculated?


What if your sanitary protection was your most beautiful lingerie?

period swimwear 1 piece Donna Fuchsia
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Donna fuchsia swimsuit

Beautiful swimsuit, keeps all its promises.
Just for swimming, doesn't hold enough on the strapless side. Maybe create a swimsuit with two straps instead of one, but all crossing over each other, keeping the same style with the ruffles.


The period pants made in France from organic cotton

Menstrual lingerie that replaces tampons, sanitary towels and panty liners for every day and night of the cycle.

Protects against periods light, periods heavy bleeding. For the first periods, white discharge, pregnancy, post-partum and bladder weakness.

Comfortable pants from periods , designed in collaboration with researchers, textile engineers and health professionals.


How much does French production and "made in France" cost?

Since the launch of our panties brand at periods, lall our menstrual lingerie is designed in France in our offices and the workshops we work with.

The periods Elia knickers are designed, knitted, cut, assembled and sewn in French workshops that comply with strict health and environmental specifications. All our product packaging is designed by French illustrators. All stationery is recyclable and recycled.

All our commitments to "made in France", relocation and the textile industry imply much higher industrial costs than if we manufactured our products outside France.

When you buy Elia menstrual lingerie, you're paying for quality panties made from noble materials. You're buying pants from periods that respect the environment, with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, organic cotton yarn and support for French craftsmanship thanks to the Origine France Garantie and France Terre Textile certifications. When you buy a period pants Elia, you're helping to relocate our industry and keep unique skills alive.

Transparent panties at the right price.

FAQ : Your most frequently asked questions

Our products

How do I choose my size?

We offer two product ranges: adult and teen. We have provided a size guide on each product page. We invite you to go to each product page, and click on "Choose my size", just below the phrase "Add to cart". 

Please note that each product is sized differently, so we advise you to check each item carefully before validating your basket. 

What's more, with the various washes, it's possible for our lingerie to relax slightly, so if your panties, on receipt, are slightly tight, don't panic, with the washes, this will s'sort itself out.

How can I take my measurements correctly so that I don't get the wrong size?

To avoid any mistakes, it's important to take your measurements in the right place.

The exact place to take your measurements is at pelvic level, at the widest point of the pelvis, but without the "saddlebags" which are normally found a little lower down.

The product m'interested in is out of stock

It can happen, we're sorry. Rest assured, it never lasts too long.

If the out-of-stock condition concerns one of our permanent models (Choupette, Philomène, Félicie, Armande, Simone or Louison), we invite you to sign up for alerts directly on our eshop. Usually, a few days later, you'll receive notification that the product is back in stock.

If the breakage concerns a limited edition, unfortunately, it will no longer be available. Indeed, in order to limit waste, we do
what we call upcycling: we use pretty cotton scraps to create small limited editions, which usually go to
very quickly, so don't delay if you've fallen for the color.

Where can I find Elia menstrual pants?

Our menstrual pants are sold exclusively on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department for advice on the choice of model or size.

Our prices

Why are there no sales?

At Elia, we've opted for 100% French manufacturing, valuing every link in the
production chain: from the cotton manufacturer, to the seamstress who will make your panties, to the order picker.

Sales and fast-fashion are often the result of overproduction of textile products, at the cost of a disastrous ecological footprint and a waste of polluting raw materials during manufacture. So at Elia, we prefer to produce exactly what we need, with natural, high-quality raw materials. Our pricing policy is to offer you the best quality at the fairest price. We have chosen to produce everything in France to ensure traceability and maximum comfort of our panties, without compromise. 

As part of our referral and loyalty program, however, you can quickly benefit from advantages that enable you to acquire our beautiful lingerie at a more attractive price.

Is a pair of underpants from periods a saving?

Absolutely! If you use disposable sanitary protection, that's just as much money and waste going into the garbage can every cycle. In the long term, periods panties are more economical. But beyond the cost savings you make with
menstrual underwear, using periods underwear is above all a commitment to the planet (zero waste, fewer pollutants...) and to your body
(100% organic cotton, no risk of toxic shock syndrome...).

Take the test and find out how much you could save with our savings calculator.

Duration and maintenance

How long can I wear a period pants ?

All our models can be worn for up to 12 hours, depending on your flow (we advise against wearing your lingerie for more than 12 hours for reasons of hygiene, as with classic lingerie).

The Choupette tanga is for light flows, the Félicie and Philomène knickers for medium flows, the Armande shorty and Simone knickers are
more suitable for heavy flows and/or at night, while our Louison cyclist is specially designed for hemorrhagic flows such as post-partum or flows linked to the wearing of a copper IUD, for example.

You can also wear our lingerie in addition to conventional sanitary pads if you're worried about leaks.

When should you wear panties from periods ?

Initially designed to be worn during your periods, Elia lingerie is also perfectly suited to the following moments:
- During your periods, day or night
- With or without additional sanitary protection
- Before your periods, if you're not sure when it's going to happen and want to be prepared in case of an unpleasant surprise
- When playing sports
- For light bladder weakness
- For white discharge
- After your delivery when you get home, for post-partum bleeding, and to avoid the risk of irritation caused by conventional protection
- During pregnancy, for the minor inconveniences it can cause, particularly in the last trimester.

And of course, like classic lingerie at any time of the month.

How long does a period pants last?

If you take good care of it, our Elia menstrual lingerie has the same lifespan as conventional lingerie: 5 to 7 years!

To find out more about maintenance, click here.

How do I wash a pair of panties from periods ?

To preserve your lingerie for as long as possible, we recommend that you follow our care instructions:

- Rinse your panties in cold water, until the water runs clear, as soon as you've finished wearing them
- Squeeze them gently, without wringing, before putting them in the machine as soon as possible
- Machine wash at low temperature (40°C maximum), with a glycerine-free detergent (avoid fabric softeners and other fabric conditioners, which are often very "greasy", and opt instead for white vinegar to soften your clothes)
- Air dry.

For more information and advice on caring for your Elia menstrual lingerie, visit this page.

Is it safe to hand-wash briefs from periods ?

Hand-washing is of course possible, but we prefer to recommend it as an exception. In fact, hand-washing is
ultimately more aggressive on fabrics than machine-washing (more rubbing, wringing out and twisting the panties in all directions, etc.)
which ultimately damages and relaxes your lingerie, Elia or otherwise.

We recommend hand-washing during the cycle if you wish, and machine-washing at the end of each

You'll find our maintenance tips right here.

I have a discoloration stain on my panties that doesn't go away despite washing.

It can happen: s's a phenomenon of discoloration that can occur when some of us have vaginal secretions
a little more acidic. This only discolors the cotton, but in no way affects the panty's functionality.

To minimize them, rinse them in cold, soap-free water as soon as possible after wearing them! And then put them in the washing machine, but otherwise it's all about appearance!

It's a problem that's specific to all dark-bottomed panties (menstrual or not), as it depends on our personal acidity (white discharge like blood), which can vary and be more or less important during the same cycle. 

A lighter-colored absorbent backing, on the other hand, would leave traces of blood after washing, which is why we chose the black color.

This does not spare organic cottons and Oeko-tex certified fabrics, and is in no way a sign of poor quality materials. Once again, there's nothing to worry about, and it in no way impedes the effectiveness of our products!

In these cases, we generally recommend changing more regularly and rinsing your underwear quickly after wearing it, if you don't want to alter the aesthetics of the inside of your panties too much.

Which detergent should I use? And why avoid glycerine?

We strongly advise you to use a hypoallergenic, glycerine-free detergent for Elia lingerie, and in general for all garments worn close to the body. We also offer a menstrual detergent for
panties from periods.

To soften your clothes, don't use fabric softener: if your water is hard and chalky, opt for white vinegar, which has anti-chalk properties and helps combat the dry appearance of clothes after washing. It also neutralizes unpleasant odours. You'll avoid having to use commercial chemical and perfumed products, which aren't recommended for underwear worn close to the body anyway!

Glycerine clogs absorbent fibers and makes them waterproof in the long run: liquids are likely to bead up on the surface, and that's less effective!

Be careful, for example, with the composition of Savon de Marseille: only a tiny amount of glycerine from the natural saponification process should remain in the original recipe.

For the same reasons, we advise against the use of fabric softeners, as these are greasy compositions formulated to limit static electricity and soften linen, but which reduce absorption efficiency and clog up machines in the long run! In fact, you shouldn't use them on all absorbent household linen: towels, tea towels... as well as sportswear and menstrual pants!

To find out more about our maintenance tips, please visit this page.

I washed my panties at over 40°, do they still work?

If your lingerie has been washed at over 40° or accidentally tumble-dried, don't worry!

However, we recommend washing at low temperatures for the following reasons:

The absorbent zone made of eucalyptus fibers tends to shrink slightly under the effect of heat. It's still just as absorbent, but you may notice that the cotton on top, which hasn't moved, wrinkles under the effect of the slightly shrunken absorbent layer. It's just less attractive!

Blood "cooks" at high temperatures, so stains are harder to remove once they've been heated: that's why it's best to rinse by hand in cold water first. However, the inside of our knickers is all black, to avoid unsightly stain residues.

However, the lifespan of your panties (and that of classic lingerie) is reduced by high-temperature washing, so it's best to avoid doing it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Donna fuchsia swimsuit

Beautiful swimsuit, keeps all its promises.
Just for swimming, doesn't hold enough on the strapless side. Maybe create a swimsuit with two straps instead of one, but all crossing over each other, keeping the same style with the ruffles.


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