Pop-up: What's my flow?

One pair of panties can absorb and dry up to 100ml of blood, the equivalent of 8 tampons for the most absorbent.

All our underwear can be worn for up to 12 hours, depending on your flow.

Light flows : Capacity of around 15ml of absorption over 12 hours.

Medium flows : approx. 30ml absorption capacity over 12 hours.

Heavy flows and/or at night : Capacity of around 50ml every 12 hours.

Hemorrhagic flows: Capacity of 100ml absorption over 12h.

A flow is considered average if bleeding totals around 40 to 50ml over a cycle... barely a quarter of a glass of water! Less than 30ml per cycle is considered light flow. Above 60ml, the flow is heavy or even hemorrhagic. By way of comparison, the capacity of a menstrual cup is around 25ml.