We all have a duty to nature.

That's why Elia not only wants to offer you natural products that respect your body, but also wants to do good for the planet by s'committing itself on a daily basis.

Eco-responsible menstrual pants that reflect our commitments

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Growing organic cotton

Conventional cotton growing is unfortunately very harmful to the environment: chemical fertilizers, pesticides, excessive water consumption, bleaching of the fiber with harmful substances... Even though cotton accounts for more than half the world's textile consumption.

Organic cotton, meanwhile, is grown using half the water and natural compost. Harvesting and dyeing are carried out with more body-neutral products, to limit the risk of allergies.

However, the organic label only applies to the cotton growing stage. To take our approach even further, we have also obtained certifications for the production of our finished products, ensuring that our lingerie is safe all the way through.

Our labels and certifications


Preserving resources

The wood-fibre absorbent material we use in our menstrual lingerie technology is made in Austria, which is also very environmentally friendly l.

The use of bamboo, a victim of massive deforestation, didn't reflect our values: at Elia, we chose to work witheucalyptus fiber.

Like our organic cotton, the fabric made from these wood fibers is entirely biodegradable.

Our materials


Fully integrated workshops

Our workshops receive all these raw materials and process them on site to obtain our finished product.

They are committed to limiting transport and their carbon footprint: knitting, cutting, embroidery, assembly... Here, everything is made in France, thanks to the hundreds of jobs generated by this activity.

Scraps and fabric offcuts are even recycled, for a circuit with as little waste as possible.

Our Made in France


Our prints are climate-neutral

Whenever possible, we try to limit the CO2 emissions associated with our printing.

What does it mean? It means that Elia offsets the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted during the printing of our communication materials. This is the case, for example, with our support booklets, which are enclosed with your order.

That's why, thanks to ClimatePartner, we're supporting the Amazon rainforest reforestation project in the Parà region of Brazil. Tropical forests store a lot of CO2 and are the lungs of the Earth. Elia is proud to contribute to this project, thanks to you.

See our ClimatePartner certificate


Waste-free production

Elia aims to be eco-responsible and sustainable. Sales and fast-fashion are often the result of overproduction of textile products, at the cost of a disastrous ecological footprint and a waste of polluting raw materials during manufacture. So at Elia, we prefer to produce exactly what we need, with natural, high-quality raw materials.

Our pricing policy is to offer you the best quality at the fairest price. We have chosen to produce everything in France to ensure traceability and maximum comfort of our knickers, without compromise.

Thank you for your support!


Recyclable packaging

Our shipments are plastic-free and we try to keep over-packaging to a minimum: our products are simply wrapped in reusable tissue paper to protect them during transport: an envelope for lighter shipments, a recyclable or compostable cardboard box for larger orders!

We also limit the paper invoices in your parcel, which can be sent to you on request by email!

Your most frequently asked questions about eco-responsibility at Elia

Is it economical to use pants from periods?

Absolutely! If you use disposable sanitary protection, that's just as much money and waste going into the garbage can every cycle. In the long term, periods panties are more economical. But beyond the cost savings you make with menstrual lingerie, using pants from periods is above all a commitment to the planet (zero waste, fewer pollutants...) and to your body (100% organic cotton, no risk of toxic shock syndrome...).

Take the test and find out how much you could save with our savings calculator.

Is Elia menstrual lingerie vegan?

At Elia, we don't use any materials derived from animal fibers: our absorbent zone is made from wood fiber textile, and the fabric of our panties is cotton.

We try to choose our fabrics with respect for the environment. To find out more about the different materials that make up our lingerie and the absorbent zone, discover our technology in more detail.

How long does a period pants last?

If you take good care of it, our lingerie has the same lifespan as classic lingerie: 5 to 7 years!

So s is a sustainable product with a low ecological footprint that's an urgent addition to your eco-responsible wardrobe!