Size guide - Rosalie

Product size Size FR Your pelvis circumference (cm) Width flat to model size
XS 34-36 Less than 88 cm Over 25.5 cm
S 36-38 88 à 96 27.5 cm
M 38-40 96 à 101 29.5 cm
L 40-42 101 à 105 31.5 cm
XL 44-46 105 à 110 33.5 cm
XXL 46-48 110 à 118 36 cm
3XL 50-52 118 à 124 39 cm
4XL 52-54 124 à 130 42 cm
5XL 54-56 130-136 45 cm
6XL 56-58 136-142 48 cm

Rosalie period panties are a high-waist model. Its elasticity also makes it easy to adapt to variations and bloating during the cycle. They rise to the lower half of the back. It's wide at the hip, thanks to our delicate lace cut-out, for comfort and a snug fit.Rosalie menstrual protection rises high enough to accommodate medium flows. Its high elasticated waistband gives you maximum security during your period.

Measure directly on the body, without tightening. The pelvic circumference (or hip circumference) corresponds to the widest point below the waist (generally at buttock level). Please note that our models relax slightly with washing.

If you're still in doubt about which size to choose, take your favorite panty and measure the width at the waist from edge to edge. Please note that not all models can be worn in exactly the same way or have the same elasticity, so measure with a model similar to the one you want (take your favorite tanga/string for our Choupette tanga, a shorty or boxer for Armande, etc.).

Not sure which model you need? Take a look at our period panties comparison tool!