More about Frédéric Gié

Frédéric is the co-founder of the CBD Arpa product brand.
An engineer by training, in 2015 he moved closer to his origins by settling on the Landes coast.
There he met a French pioneer in the field of edible hemp. He realized that the "recreational" image most people have of hemp is just the tip of the iceberg. 10,000 years of history, from the Chinese to the Egyptians, 50,000 documented uses in fields as varied as construction, medicine, textiles...
It was a revelation and the birth of a passion for this plant. He learns on the job about many aspects of its cultivation and use. He was in daily contact with farmers, scientists, agronomists and consumers.
His sensitivity soon led him to take an interest in the potential of CBD. He then discovered a subject that was little talked about in France, and which could have a major impact on everyone's well-being and balance.
He created the Arpa brand in 2019 with the aim of offering quality, effective products and providing information and advice.