Your diagnosis is

First menstruation

You are a young girl with irregular cycles and moderate to severe menstrual pain. Your menstrual flow may vary, and you may experience premenstrual symptoms (PMS) such as bloating and breast tenderness. The first few years of menstruation can be unpredictable, making your day-to-day life sometimes difficult to manage. Don't worry, it's normal!

  • Your menstrual profile

    Your periods can be unpredictable, with variations in flow and duration. White discharge is common and normal, and you may also experience spotting as your cycles settle into place.

  • Hormonal profile

    During the first few years of menstruation, your estrogen and progesterone levels are still stabilizing, which can lead to irregularities and various symptoms. Hormonal fluctuations are normal during this period and can cause skin rashes and mood swings. Consult a healthcare professional for advice on how to manage these changes.

menstrual protection for you

Our range of menstrual lingerie

The menstrual briefs best suited to you are generally those for medium flow. Pants with a clear bottom can help you better understand your cycle. To cover all eventualities, it's a good idea to have a set of menstrual panties covering light to heavy flow, so you can wear the most suitable panties on the big day, and carry a nomad pouch with a change for school.

  • Diet

    Encourage a balanced diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and lean proteins. Avoid processed foods, industrial snacks and excessive sweets, which can aggravate symptoms.

  • Skin and hair care

    Use gentle products suitable for young skin, such as alcohol-free cleansers and light moisturizers. Choose nourishing hair care products free of parabens and endocrine disruptors to support healthy hair growth.

  • Sports activities

    Don't be afraid to take part in sporting activities such as gymnastics, basketball or dance to maintain good physical health and manage menstrual pain. With the right protection, all sports, such as riding or swimming, are accessible during the cycle. The amount of sport you engage in should depend on how you feel during the day, but even intense sports are known to ease pain and reduce stress.

  • Emma, age 12

    "I had my first period at school, and it was a bit stressful. Luckily, I had a first-aid kit in my bag with sanitary towels. The first few times, I was afraid of leaking, especially during sports. Now, I make sure to change my protection during my lunch break and before sports classes. It helps me feel safer and not worry too much."

  • Lilwen, aged 14

    "At first, I was very nervous about having my period during class. I was afraid my friends or teachers would notice. I learned to deal with it by always wearing dark clothes and keeping extra protection in my bag. It really helped me feel more comfortable."

  • Lucie, 15 years old

    "My first period was a new and slightly frightening experience. Luckily, my mom had told me about menstrual panties and given me an Elia First Period kit a few months earlier. They really helped me feel more confident, especially during the long days at school. I don't have to worry about leaks and I can concentrate on my classes and friends."

  • Augustine, 13 years old

    "Getting my first period was really stressful, luckily it happened during the summer vacations. I didn't know how to deal with it at first, especially during swimming lessons and I wasn't comfortable with tampons. I found that keeping a pair of menstrual panties in my bag and changing regularly during breaks at school helped a lot. Also, talking with my friends and sister made me feel less alone and more prepared to deal with this new stage in my life."

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