Your diagnosis is

Regular cycle with mild symptoms

You have regular cycles of 23 to 35 days with little or no menstrual pain. Your premenstrual symptoms (PMS) are mild, and your menstrual flow is moderate. Your mood is stable and your energy level does not vary significantly during your cycle. Your daily routine is not greatly affected by your period, so you can manage your activities without much disruption. Yippee!

  • Your menstrual profile

    Your period is generally predictable, with a steady, moderate flow lasting an average of 3 to 5 days. You may experience regular white discharge throughout the cycle, a sign of good vaginal health. Spotting is rare.

  • Hormonal profile

    Your hormone levels are generally well balanced. Estrogen and progesterone levels normally fluctuate throughout the cycle, ensuring that the different menstrual phases run smoothly. This hormonal balance contributes to your stable mood and energy levels, and a moderate menstrual flow.

menstrual protection for you

Our range of menstrual lingerie

We recommend menstrual pants for light to moderate flow for your profile. These panties offer comfortable, discreet protection, perfectly suited to a predictable, moderate menstrual flow. They're ideal for days with intermediate flow, allowing you to stay comfortable and relaxed all day long. We suggest a minimum set of 3 menstrual pants to ensure sufficient rotation and continuous protection.

  • Diet

    Eat a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. These foods provide the nutrients needed to support a healthy hormonal balance, preventing extreme fluctuations. Drinking plenty of water helps maintain hydration, which is crucial for hormonal and skin health.

  • Skin and hair care

    Use light, non-comedogenic moisturizers to avoid rashes. Opt for gentle sulfate-free hair care products to keep your hair healthy.

  • Sports activities

    Engage in regular physical activity such as walking, yoga or swimming. Regular exercise helps maintain stable hormone levels, improves mood, and reduces stress, helping to minimize menstrual symptoms.

  • Marie, 28 years old

    "I've always had regular 28-day cycles, and my periods last an average of 4 days. Menstrual pain is very mild, just a little discomfort on the first day. Premenstrual symptoms are almost non-existent for me. Sometimes I feel a little tired, but nothing really disabling. I've found that menstrual panties for light flow are perfect for me, as they're comfortable and discreet."

  • Clara, 34 years old

    "My cycles are regular, around 30 days, and my periods last about 5 days. I have no marked menstrual pain, only small cramps that disappear quickly. Premenstrual symptoms like bloating and breast tenderness are rare and very mild."

  • Julie, 26 years old

    "I have regular 29-day cycles with periods that last 4 to 5 days. The pain is very mild, so I don't need to take any painkillers. The only premenstrual symptoms I sometimes experience are mild irritability and a little fatigue, but nothing serious. I'm really happy with Elia's light-flow menstrual panties, they're soft and absorbent, perfect for my needs."

  • Sophie, 32 years old

    "My menstrual cycles are regular, around 27 days, and my periods last about 4 days. I rarely feel any pain, and my premenstrual symptoms are very mild. Sometimes I feel a little discomfort in my breasts, but that's it. I discovered Elia's menstrual panties for light flow and they have changed my life. They're comfortable and I can wear them without worry all day long."

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