Our clear-bottom menstrual collection

Why use light-colored panties?


Monitor losses closely

Menstrual panties with a clear, dye-free interior are ideal for a number of purposes:

- to familiarize yourself with the concept of menstrual panties and recognize when to change underwear

- to keep track of the amount of blood in your menstrual flow or practice free instinctive flow

- To monitor the color of your periods and their evolution, particularly after childbirth, surgery or gynecological conditions such as endometriosis.

- to limit textile allergies for those with a sensitive vulva or skin


Raising the bar even higher

Our cotton was already organic and Standard100 by OEKO-TEX® from the outset: we wanted to take our commitment to product safety and eco-responsibility a step further. For all those at risk of allergy or sensitivity to textile dyes, we now offer a version of our Armande shorty with an undyed cotton interior. Our unbleached cotton is simply washed and stabilized, without any additional operations.

This doesn't mean that the rest of our black-bottomed menstrual shorts are unsafe, as all our dyes are dyed in compliance with specifications, but it's still an operation with a carbon impact and the use of dyes.

We wanted to offer you an alternative, so that your skin only comes into contact with hypoallergenic fabric.


Two options

For all those who don't want to say goodbye to the timeless elegance of our black lingerie, we offer a variation of our Armande shorty with a black cotton exterior, and a second all-ecru undyed one. Ideal for juggling under light or dark garments.

In both cases, however, the entire inner fabric is undyed ecru cotton.

How do I wash and care for my light-bottom panties?


Detaching light or coloured panties

Clear-bottomed menstrual pants mean stubborn stains! That's without counting on the formidable effectiveness of our special bloodstain remover. We recommend stain removal and rinsing with cold water immediately after wearing your menstrual panties to maximize the aesthetics and durability of your clear bottom.

Discover our menstrual stain remover