The menstrual collection with a clear bottom and without dye

Elia launches the first menstrual panties with an undyed organic cotton interior.

Why should I use a clear bottom panty?

Under high surveillance
Monitor your losses closely

Menstrual panties with a clear interior and without dye are ideal in several cases:

- to tame the concept of period panties and to recognize when to change underwear
- to know the quantity of blood of its menstrual flow or to train with the free instinctive flow
- to supervise the color of its menstrual period and the evolution in particular after a childbirth, an operation or a gynecological affection like the endometriosis.
- to limit textile allergies for those with a sensitive vulva or skin

hypoallergenic cotton
Raising the bar

Our cotton was already organic and Standard100 by OEKO-TEX® since the beginning: we wanted to go even further in the harmlessness of our products and our eco-responsible commitment. For all those who are at risk of allergy and sensitivity to textile dyes, we now offer a version of our Armande shorty with a non-dyed cotton interior. Our unbleached cotton is simply washed and stabilized, without any additional operation.

This does not mean that the rest of our black bottomed period panties are risky, as all our dyes respect a compliance specification, but it remains an operation with a carbon impact and the use of dyes.

We wanted to offer you an alternative, to have your skin in contact only with a hypoallergenic fabric.

An ecru or black look
Two options

For all those who do not want to say goodbye to the timeless elegance of our black lingerie, we offer a variation of our Armande shorty with a black cotton exterior, and a second all ecru without dye. Ideal to juggle under light or dark clothes.

Our two models have each the entire inner fabric in unbleached cotton without dye.

How to wash and maintain your light bottom panties?

did you say messy?
Detach a light or colored panty

When you say menstrual panties with a clear bottom, you mean stubborn stains! That's without counting on the formidable efficiency of our special bloodstain remover. We recommend stain removal and rinsing with cold water right after wearing your period panties to maximize the aesthetics and durability of your clear bottom.