Going to the beach with your period: 6 tips to enjoy it!

How to reconcile your period and the beach? You'd like to enjoy a lazy day at the beach like everyone else, but here's the thing: your period has just arrived! Let's find out together how to make this getaway a pleasant one.

Is it possible to go to the beach during your period?

First of all, there is no medical contraindication to go to the beach when you have your period! Without even mentioning swimming, you can also have a good time at the seaside by enjoying your deckchair, and this, at any time of your menstrual cycle.

Our 6 tips for enjoying the beach with your period!

Discover our tips for swimming with your period or simply enjoying the warm sand in lazy mode during your vacation.

Dress casually

The bloating and swelling of the lower abdomen that occurs during your period can make your tight clothes uncomfortable. So avoid circulation problems and discomfort, and dress in loose-fitting clothes: skirts, shorts, elastic waist pants, beach dresses... On the other hand, a day at the beach also means a bikini wax: if you had the good idea of getting one too late, you could suffer from some redness or ingrown hairs: so avoid irritation by being tight in your clothes or bikini by choosing an adapted size

If you have any doubts about staining your clothes during your period, choose dark colors for your clothes and your towel, and take a pareo just in case to hide any unsightly stains.

Avoid sweet or fatty treats

While it's tempting to enjoy pampering at the water's edge, meals that are too fatty, too salty or too sweet will add to thediscomfort of menstrual cramps and bloating in women.

We try to eat healthy, taking snacks like fruits (yum watermelon!), nuts or delicious refreshing smoothies with the scent of summer.

Stay hydrated throughout the day

It's important to stay hydrated during hot weather: drink lots of water! This advice is even more valid during your period because good hydration will relieve bloating and uterine muscles. In addition, hormonal fluctuations and blood loss, containing 90% water, contribute to an increased risk of dehydration. Take a large bottle in your beach bag!

Choosing the right menstrual protection

Menstruation generally rhymes with sanitary protection. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you best among the most common ones on the market:

  • The tampon: ideal for swimming, it is an internal hygienic protection which will avoid you the leaks, in particular in the event of abundant flow. However, be careful with the apparent string: it is stuck between the lips to prevent it from escaping from the bikini! To be changed in the bathroom after swimming to avoid toxic shock syndrome
  • The menstrual cup: an ecological and zero waste alternative to sanitary protection such as tampons, it must be well positioned so as not to get in the way while swimming or sunbathing. In the same way as the tampon, change it after the bath and wash your hands well before and after!
  • Menstrual panties: why not use menstrual panties that match (or not) your bikini top? As long as you are not swimming, menstrual panties are the ideal ally for sunbathing. You can also wear one after you get out of the water, once you're dry.
  • Similarly, disposable sanitary pads can be used as long as you don't go in the water
  • The menstrual swimsuit: reconcile swimming, relaxation and menstruation in a single product. Rather dedicated to light flows or in complement of an internal sanitary protection, it makes it possible to retain the blood of the menstruation in and out of water. Practical, isn't it? It's our favorite solution to go to the sea with your period, and we offer several models at Elia.

Protect yourself from the sun

It is essential to protect yourself from the sun's rays at the beach and to think about the health of your skin. Since menstruation makes women more sensitive to pain, you don't want to combine your menstrual cramps with sunburn either! So equip yourself with a sun cream with a high protection factor and a beach umbrella to enjoy without regret!

Move to relieve menstrual pain

Finally, take advantage of your presence at the beach to move! Sport relieves lower abdominal pain by oxygenating the muscles of the uterus. Swimming, beach volleyball, beach racket... it's an opportunity to mobilize your body and your cardio!

If you don't feel like it, then take advantage of a towel lying on the warm sand: its comforting warmth can also reduce the pain, during a nap lulled by the sound of the waves.

You see, there is something for everyone, choose the format that suits you best to go to the beach with your period and enjoy it!

The FAQ of periods and the beach

Can I go to the beach during my period without a tampon?

It is perfectly possible to go to the beach during your period: various feminine hygiene protections exist besides the tampon to absorb menstrual blood. Cups, period panties, sanitary napkins, menstrual swimsuits... They all have their advantages!

How not to have your period at the beach?

To avoid leaks and bleeding at the beach, we recommend a menstrual bathing suit: practical both in and out of the water, at the beach and in the pool, it will allow you to reconcile the beach and your period.

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