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What are period panties?

A menstrual panty is an undergarment with an absorbent zone that acts as both lingerie and sanitary protection, day and night.

With our innovative technology, you no longer need to use tampons, menstrual cups or sanitary pads - our menstrual panties are self-sufficient.

What's my flow?

Absorption ml Tampons Serviettes Cups
15ml or less of blood 1 regular pad 1 towel ½ cup
15 to 50ml of blood 3 regular pads 2 towels 1 cup
50 to 80ml of blood 6 regular pads 4 towels 2 cups
More than 80ml of blood 8+ regular pads 6+ towels 3+ cups

Our models adapt to every flow

Tanga for light flows and white discharge, panties and bikinis for intermediate flows and shortys for heavy to hemorrhagic flows and perspiration.