How do I use my menstrual swimsuit?

Comment utiliser son maillot de bain menstruel ?
In collaboration with Lea Wauquier, Doctor of Pharmacy

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You've just bought your first menstrual swimsuit, but you don't know how to use it. Pharmacist Lea gives you some advice on how to use your menstrual swimsuit safely!

When should I change my menstrual swimsuit? How long should I keep my menstrual swimsuit on?

Co-designed with 3000 of you and with the recommendations of health professionals, our Arielle two-piece menstrual swim suit is finally available to accompany you all summer long! Are you wondering about the technology and innovation behind this swimsuit? How does it work? How long can you keep it on? We explain it all in this article!

Why change your swimsuit when it's wet?

At Elia, we've opted for the two-piece. In fact, we design all our menstrual panties in collaboration with gynecologists and midwives. They tell us that: keeping a pair of panties or a swimsuit wet for too long encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi, and can unbalance your vaginal microbiota, leading to infections, irritations, fungal infections and a whole host of other intimate inconveniences. When you go swimming, your swimsuit absorbs chemicals, germs and bacteria from the water. And when you get out of the water, all the conditions are in place to encourage the proliferation of these germs: humidity combined with heat and the absence of light encourage the proliferation and development of bad bacteria. Of course, this is not always the case, but it can happen, especially if you're already prone to vaginal and/or urinary tract infections, have a fragile immune system, are diabetic, or are taking medication that tends to weaken your immune system. It's best to change quickly after bathing, so as not to remain in contact with moisture for too long. A conventional swimsuit without absorbent zones dries rather quickly, but in the case of our menstrual swimsuit, it will take longer to dry (logical!). Ideally, you shouldn't keep your menstrual swimsuit on for more than 2 hours after bathing.

What's the solution if you want to change but don't want to get dressed right away?

If you want to prolong your tanning session, you can use our Sixtine shorty, perfect for heavy flows with its double layer of absorbent fabric. Sixtine comes in three colors: black, poppy red or royal blue, the same colors as our Arielle swimsuit top: perfect for a mix&match look! Incognito, no one will suspect you're menstruating, and heavy flows can continue to enjoy the sun!

To find our menstrual swimsuit, Arielle, click here! You can also find our Sixtine shorty, available in 3 colors!

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