SELF-CLAIRVOYANCE by Laetitia Lescher

La SELF-CLAIRVOYANCE par Laetitia Lescher

First of all, let's agree on the definition of clairvoyance. According to the Larousse dictionary, it's "the ability to see things, one's environment and people with clarity, lucidity and perspicacity". It's also the ability to "take the high ground to DISCERN and ACT."

Man has always been in search of MEANING, or more precisely, in search of clarity with himself. In other words, in search of clairvoyance. Often convinced that he can't achieve this on his own, he turns to an initiated specialist in times of great doubt or inner turmoil: psychologist, therapist, coach, clairvoyant, shaman... All respond to one need: to move forward on his personal path.

It's important not to discredit clairvoyants, mediums, visionaries, shamans, marabouts... Quite the contrary. Thanks to their highly developed sensitivity and discernment, they have often learned to decipher your energy, your vibrations, your gestures, your look, your posture, etc...

In fact, it's you who indicate key information to them, imperceptible to "the others". A form of non-verbal communication.

The world is made up of waves and vibrations, and we've all felt that inexplicable antipathy or attraction when encountering a person, a feeling of well-being or unease in an unfamiliar place, or even an impression of déjà-vu. These are intuitive jolts that manifest themselves, but for which our reading grid is often limited to that of astonishment. And yet, if we had listened to them a little more, they would have been invaluable allies.

"We all have many abilities and can become autonomous clairvoyants."

To do this, we need to learn to refocus, to free ourselves from our limiting patterns and certain memories, and to reach serenity and full harmony with ourselves by our own means, that famous "Inner Calm" theorized by Rudolf Steiner in 1909.

This self-discovery, which teaches us to act in accordance with our deepest Self, is Self Clairvoyance.

It's a unique, cross-disciplinary approach, combining techniques from all horizons. An ancestral discipline that I've brought back to light and reworked to help you reveal

your own clairvoyance. So that you can act alone, in full awareness, in your life. To understand what guides you.

There's no need to say any more, let's just leave room for perception. For the next 6 days, let yourself be guided by the daily mantra created for Elia. Stop for a moment. And listen to what you're feeling. This will be your first step towards self clairvoyance.

To be found in @elia.lingerie's Instagram story, from May 4 to 9, 2020.

Laetitia Lescher #selfclairvoyance

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