Renata Franca: what is this method? What are the benefits and contraindications?

Renata Franca: what is this method? What are the benefits and contraindications?

Julie Mankechian, founder of the Viktoria by JM salon, talks to us about the Renata Franca method. Find out all you need to know about this revolutionary massage method.

What is the Renata Franca method?

The method was developed by Renata Franca, a Brazilian entrepreneur who set up a spa in Sao Paulo. She modified the pressure, rhythm and pumping maneuvers, which truly revolutionized the massage method, becoming the only technique to relieve congestion from the very first session. 

How does a Renata Franca massage work?

During Renata Franca treatment appointments, I carry out an assessment with my client to optimize results. Together, we talk about lifestyle (diet, hydration, exercise, sleep), genetic predisposition (family environment), hormonal points and predisposition to stress... I want to make real contact in order to accompany and be as close as possible to the customer's expectations: assess, analyze morphology and adapt the treatment (drainage & remodeling). Then, the massage lasts an average of 1h15, with the whole body being massaged, from the toes to the fingertips. We work not only on the body, but also on the face, for maximum results.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are numerous: improved skin texture, slimming ally, post-medical support (helps restore circulation and rebalance postanaesthesia), improved sports performance (less aches and pains and positive effect on muscles). Also, for the face: immediate decongestion of the face with effect on dark circles, lifting effect, plumped face, anti-aging, fight against skin slackening, activation of blood circulation, healthy glow effect, relief (migraines, teeth grinding)...

How to perform lymphatic drainage?

We regularly see "before" and "after" photos on the net. Of course, the results are visually stunning, but it's important to remember that it all depends on your individual metabolism. A marked reduction in congestion may occur immediately, or as early as the next session, and vice versa. In any case, every treatment is beneficial, as toxins are eliminated and the body is completely detoxified.

How to maintain the benefits of lymphatic drainage?

The results of lymphatic drainage are not always visible immediately after the session. It's necessary to do several sessions at a time to assess the long-term benefits. Also, the elimination of toxins and congestion lasts 78 hours on average (about 3 days). On leaving the treatment and within 3 days, it is imperative to drink as much water as possible (2L per day at best and/or diuretic herbal teas). In addition, it goes without saying that you should take part in sporting activities (walking is recommended), maintain a healthy, balanced diet (light to digest), avoid alcoholic beverages and get plenty of restful sleep.

What are the contraindications?

However, there are contraindications: any type of inflammatory disease, antibiotics, phlebitis, any diagnosed pathology (only with medical approval), pregnancy (with medical approval, but extremely beneficial) and minimum legal age. However, I would point out that pregnant women must be drained. Indeed, lymphatic drainage for pregnant women is particularly recommended to relieve and prevent aches and pains: it relieves heavy legs and muscular tension, eliminates edema, prevents the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, boosts immunity and has a guaranteed relaxing effect.

What are the effects of lymphatic drainage?

Each organism reacts differently after such a treatment: - Genuine energy boost - The "marshmallow state", as if we were on a "little cloud" - Better, more restful sleep - Deflating of inflammatory areas of the body - A more refined silhouette - Better elimination of toxins through natural channels - A general detox of the organism - A boosted and improved immune system - Improvement of lipoedema symptoms.

Where to go for Renata Franca lymph drainage?

Beware of plagiarism! All practitioners trained by the hands of the only French representative, Nathalie Duarte, are listed on the official website, where you can find your nearest therapist.

How much does the Renata Franca method cost?

It all depends on the practitioner and the geographical area. On average, a session at scosts 150 euros (excluding spa treatments: 130 euros).

Is Renata lymphatic drainage reimbursed?

The Renata Franca method, even when performed by a trained physiotherapist, is not reimbursed by social security.

Does lymphatic drainage help you lose weight?

It's a question that comes up regularly, and a legitimate one. The Renata method is a real slimming ally: it sculpts the body, reduces waist circumference and prepares the body for possible excesses. But it goes without saying that it's a team effort, and that the Renata Franca method complements a healthy lifestyle for which the recipient alone is responsible: a balanced diet, good hydration and a minimum of physical activity.

Find out all about Julie, her salon and her services on her website or on her Instagram.

Article written by Julie Mankechian - METHODE RENATA FRANCA lymphatic drainage practitioner

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