Should I wax before my period?

Doit-on s'épiler pendant avant les règles ?

To wax or not to wax?

For many of us, two months of confinement without contact with the outside world was an opportunity to let our hair grow without waxing. This was an opportunity for some of us to question our society's relationship with hair removal and to free ourselves from this injunction, which is still very present today. Thus 38% of women and 27% of men acknowledge that they waxed less during the confinement and 18% of French people did not wax at all during this period.

This questioning of hair removal is part of a growing movement advocating a return to naturalness in the face of pressure from society. Movements like #Januhairy have emerged on Instagram: a contraction of the English word january and hairy, the challenge was to grow hair throughout the month of January, which gave way to numerous photos on the networks of people proudly showing their hair to challenge this social pressure that persists. Many influencers also take part in this challenge as well as many instagram accounts like lesensdupoil or payetonpoil.

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#PayeTonPoil ⠀ "In the middle of confinement, so I was in shorts at home, when my mother decides, after very insistent looks at my legs to tell me: "You should wax, at least by respect for others" Waxing by 'respect for others', already I do not do it for me, because I learned to realize that the hair is as natural for the woman as for the man, then to do it for others Knowing that this is not the first time that my mother reproaches me for my hairiness, the I felt humiliated, and I want to warn other girls who would have to deal with this kind of comment, to ignore it and to choose what to do with their body.I would like to warn other young girls who would have to deal with this kind of comment to ignore it and choose what to do with their bodies" ⠀ #myhair #januhairy #epilation #hair #theprincesseshavehair #pilophobia #mybodychoice #testament #bodypositivity #bodyhair #hairsense #hair #feminism #empowerment #bodypositive #allwomenarebeautiful #futureisfemale #thefutureisfeminist #bodyhairdontcare #noshavenoshame #normalizebodyhair

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According to psychologists, hair is associated with virility and animality, while hair removal is seen as a sign of purity and hygiene. This is one of the reasons why hair is so hard to come by today, even though hair removal is above all a cultural practice that varies from one society to another. However, not shaving or waxing would have many benefits, especially for our health. In addition to the fact that not waxing saves us time and money, keeping hair means protecting our skin. Indeed, if hair is there, it is because it serves a purpose: on the whole body it allows the skin to stay well hydrated, and on the bikini area it acts as a barrier to possible bacteria. Rest assured, hair is not dirty, even during your period, no matter what sanitary protection you choose! Some studies even show that waxing the pubic area would promote STDs. Not shaving or waxing also helps to avoid cuts, irritations or infections. Studies have also proven that hair has an aphrodisiac effect! Indeed, the pheromones secreted by the body (especially the armpits and the pubic area) attach themselves to the hair, which gives off an odor and promotes sexual attraction. Keeping hair is also and above all celebrating your body in its natural state and learning to accept yourself more.

In any case, it is up to each person to choose whether or not to remove hair. Some will prefer to be depilated, others don't dare to take the plunge yet, while the last ones assume their hair with pride. The important thing is to listen to yourself because it is not easy for everyone to face the gaze of others in a society where the sight of hair is still not accepted. Keep in mind that everyone is free to do what they want with their body, waxed or not, the decision is yours! A little bit of softness during your period? Take care of yourself with our collection of pretty menstrual panties!

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