What yoga positions should I use at the end of pregnancy if my back hurts?

Quelles positions de yoga en fin de grossesse quand on a mal au dos ?

Carole, our super yoga teacher, and her student Maëlle, who is 9 months pregnant in the video, suggest some gentle, simple movements to relax the lower back. You can wear your menstrual panties or your pretty menstrual thong to avoid leaks... oupsi.... :) !

While these movements are suitable for pregnant women, they will also benefit anyone suffering from back pain. We particularly recommend these exercises during periods of "confinement" or prolonged telecommuting, when you sit a lot and don't walk much! These exercises are also suitable for yoga beginners.

Carole proposes a sequence of 8 movements that can be repeated between 5 and 15 times. The last position can be held for as long as you like, for maximum back relief and relaxation.

For these exercises, don't hold the position if it's painful. It's important to listen to your body and feel the stretch, without hurting yourself. If your pain is severe, always consult a doctor for advice before doing any physical exercise!

How do I achieve the tailor's position?

A position rather than a movement: it's all about taking the time to settle down, to breathe, and to use this moment to free your mind of all the worries of the day, before starting your yoga session in complete serenity. Both body and mind will be more relaxed and therefore better able to enjoy the stretches!

Roll your shoulders

Slowly roll your shoulders forward, then back.

Inhale as you raise your shoulders and exhale as you lower them. It's essential to synchronize your breathing with your movements.

Always remember to keep your back straight.

How to stretch the flanks

Raise your arm to the sky and bend to the side, keeping your back straight (don't slouch forward).

Repeat the movement on the other side, 3 to 5 times on each side.

    How to stretch your pregnant back

    With your right hand on your left knee and your other hand behind your back, turn your torso backwards to stretch your back. Look far behind you to guide your movements!
    Be sure to keep your shoulders low and relaxed
    Repeat the movement on the other side, and 3 to 5 times on each side.

    How to do the pregnant cat pose?

    Sit on all fours, arms and legs perpendicular to the chest: hands at shoulder level, knees at hip level, back straight at first. Take deep breaths in and out
    On inhalation: arch your back, stick out your buttocks and lift your head, looking skywards. Open the chest wide and bring the shoulder blades together. On exhalation: slowly lower your head to the ground, push off the floor with your hands and create an arch with your back, tucking in your buttocks. Repeat 5-6 times.

      How to do the pregnant head-down dog pose?

      From a squatting position, support yourself on your feet and slowly raise your knees, bringing your buttocks towards the sky and looking down. Legs and arms straight, hands flat on the floor. If the position is too difficult, bend the knees slightly. Heels do not necessarily touch the ground. Keep your shoulders clear.

        The more flexible may find it pleasant to try to bring the chest towards the thighs as much as possible, and the head towards the floor.
        From here, you can bend one knee and the buttocks to the right, and vice versa several times. Hold the position for 30 sec to 1 min, then very slowly bring your feet forward and gently lift your hands off the floor and unroll your body upwards until you return to a standing position.

          How to rotate your bust while pregnant?

          Standing, place your hands behind your back at hip level and bring your pelvis and belly forward. Bring your elbows and shoulder blades together.
          Move your body to the right, then to the left, always synchronizing your movements with your breathing. Keep your chest facing the sky.
          Repeat 3 to 5 times.

            How to do the reclining butterfly pose

            This is more of a position than a movement! You'll need: a booster (or stacked cushions or your breastfeeding cushion), a strap (or a scarf).
            You'll get into a butterfly suit (like a cross-legged suit, but with your feet together), then slowly lie down on your booster (placed behind you). Let your arms fall to the side and your shoulders relax. You can add a strap or scarf that you place under your feet and behind your back (see video) and tie as tightly as possible. Remember to bring your feet close to your chest as you lie down, to accentuate the stretch.
            Hold the position for several breaths. Hold for as long as it feels good!

            If you're pregnant, or depending on your flexibility, you may need help to detach and stand up.

              Enjoy your session! :)

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