#Podcast - My prenatal depression - with Elise Marcende

#Podcast - Ma dépression prénatale - avec Elise Marcende

What exactly is prenatal depression? In this podcast, Elise Marcende, president of the association Maman Blues, tells us about her path to motherhood. In the collective imagination, pregnancy is synonymous with a feeling of plenitude, serenity, joy and happiness while waiting for the newborn.

But this is not the case for all women. For some women, pregnancy is characterized by a psychologically and physically very trying period full of anxieties and doubts that sometimes lead to depression. This is what Elise Marcende tells us in this new episode of your podcast La Famélia.

How can happiness sometimes give way to fear and anxiety? What are the solutions to remedy this?

Are we really well prepared for the role of mother? Is it related to hormonal change? Is it dangerous for the baby? Are we really well prepared for the role of mother?

Today Elise Marcende talks to us about a subject that we still don't hear enough about: prenatal depression. Or how pregnancy can be experienced as a real upheaval, become a real source of stress and anxiety and finally prove to be a painful period.

Too often, the mother's emotions are left aside in favor of the joy and excitement that pregnancy is supposed to generate. The same goes for the birth, where the focus is on the baby's well-being, rather than on the psychological health of the new mother.

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If you are interested in this topic, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact Elise Marcende and her association Maman Blues, or to visit their website.

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