#Podcast: Making the transition to natural contraception with Eugenie Tabi

#Podcast : Passer le cap de la contraception naturelle avec Eugénie Tabi

Contraception is an everyday topic for many people, especially for women who bear the burden of taking the contraceptive most of the time. In France, the most widely used method of contraception today is the contraceptive pill. Easy to use, this small pill has many advantages, but also many disadvantages. For several years now, many women have been abandoning the pill in favor of natural contraceptives: condoms, IUDs, and among them: symptothermia.

But how does it work? What should we look at? What is symptothermia really? Why choose natural contraception? Is it as reliable as hormonal contraception?

In addition to its contraceptive use, symptothermia allows you to reappropriate your body, to reconnect with your cycle and to be more in tune with yourself. Because our cycle and the hormones that fluctuate throughout it have an impact on our mood, our energy, our motivations etc... It is therefore more than a means of contraception, but a method that allows us to know ourselves better in order to reach an optimal level of well-being.

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