What is Pink October?

Octobre Rose : c'est quoi ?

What is pink October? Where does pink October come from?

Every year, the month of October is decorated with pink. Like every year since our launch, we wear pink to support the Marie Curie Institute! The month of October is dedicated to the fight against breast cancer and in particular in the collection of funds for breast cancer research, but also for breast cancer awareness and screening. Thus, throughout the month of October, many actions are organized: races, auctions, exhibitions, collaborations between brands etc., with a common objective around this event: to raise funds for breast cancer, and encourage screening for this disease.

The Pink October initiative comes from the United States, from a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the Chemical Industries company. In 1985, they created a breast cancer screening campaign and acted to promote mammography. Seven years later, the editor of the women's health magazine "Self" proposed to publish an issue dedicated to breast cancer. In this special issue, Evelyn Lauder, the vice-president of the cosmetic brand Estée Lauder, having herself survived breast cancer, was invited to write the special issue.

After the release of this special issue, Evelyn Lauder created, still in the United States, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, with the aim of encouraging innovation in research.

Then, the following year, in 1994, Estée Lauder France joined forces with Marie-Claire magazine and decided to join forces in the fight against breast cancer to create the association "Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en! Numerous initiatives will be set up from October 1 to 31 with the aim of informing, raising awareness among women about the importance of early detection.

Why did you choose the color pink?

The pink 150, chosen at the time by Estée Lauder is a color that is feminine, soft and joyful and which in addition evokes good health. The opposite of cancer.

The pink ribbon has now become the international symbol of the fight against breast cancer.

Breast cancer in figures?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, it affects 1% of men. Each year, breast cancer affects an average of 54,000 women, and 12,000 women die from it. 1 woman out of 8 will be confronted with breast cancer once in her life. Fortunately, it is a cancer that can be cured rather well if it is detected early enough. In 9 cases out of 10, it is possible to be cured. 80% of breast cancer cases develop after the age of 50. A screening program is organized every year by Santé Publique France, for women aged 50 to 74.

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Elia is committed to Pink October and the Marie Curie Institute

Because it is essential that breast cancer research progresses, and that a large number of women can be screened, as every year, Elia is committed to the fight against breast cancer. For October 2021, we decided to decline one of our flagship models. Our high waist menstrual panties Simone will be available in a very limited edition with the Pink October ribbon. 50% of the profits from the sales of this model will be directly donated to the Marie Curie Institute.

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