What influence does the Moon in Virgo have on a woman?

Quelle est l'influence de la Lune en Vierge chez une femme

The Moon's influence on man continues to be the subject of much debate. From experts in astrology and the lunar cycle to the women's press and podcasts, there are many resources on the subject, and it's hard to sort them all out! A quick reminder: the lunar sign is the term that defines the position of the Moon at the time of a person's birth, according to astrological signs.

If you already believe in the influence of the zodiac sign on personality, emotions and even the body, then the lunar sign could also be a notion that speaks to you. But what about its influence on women? And what can we say about a Moon sign in Virgo? Here's how.

What is the Moon in Virgo?

The link between Moon position and zodiac sign is a subject of great interest to astrology enthusiasts. According to them, the Moon's position influences the twelve signs of the zodiac throughout the month. The Moon is also considered to have a major influence on our emotional behavior, particularly as it symbolizes our emotionality and sensitivity . The Moon's position in a zodiac sign at the time of our birth is believed to influence the way we feel and experience events.

For example, if a woman's Moon is in Virgo, this means that at the time of her birth, the lunar cycle in astrology was positioned in the sign of Virgo. A woman's Virgo Moon could have an impact on her personality and behavior in love. We're talking about a devoted and conscientious woman, sometimes shy and cautious, but ready to invest herself totally in her love relationship. As for the menstrual cycle and the Moon, here again, beliefs abound. We take a look at the influence of the Moon in Virgo on women and their menstrual cycle.

The Moon in Virgo and the menstrual cycle

According to astrological beliefs, there's a correlation between the menstrual cycle and the Moon in Virgo. menstrual cycle and the Moonalthough this is not a proven science. The average length of a woman's menstrual cycle is 28 days, while the length of the lunar cycle is 29 days. However, the menstrual cycle varies from woman to woman, and is not necessarily "connected" with the lunar cycle.

But it seems that for some people, the lunar cycle and menstrual cycle are "aligned". What are the consequences of the Moon's position on the menstrual cycle, and specifically for a woman whose Moon is in Virgo?

The Moon in Virgo during menstruation

Astrologically speaking, having your Moon in Virgo has effects during the menstrual period. When you're feeling tired and anxious, it's time to refocus on your well-being. On the menu: a balanced diet, a few days' detox and a good night's sleep!

On the emotional side, it's important not to let yourself be overwhelmed by stress or endless questioning. Instead, it's time to let go of what you can't control right now, and put off making important decisions until later.

The Moon in Virgo during the follicular phase

The follicular phase is the phase preceding ovulation: it's the moment when an ovum (which will potentially be released by the ovary), is in full development. For a woman with her Moon in Virgo, this is the moment to take action! The resting phase is well and truly over, and energy is at its peak. The follicular phase is conducive to boldness, decision-making, organization and competitiveness! A woman with her Moon in Virgo could therefore feel a kind of invincible courage and a sense of omnipotence: now's the time to take advantage of it!

The Moon in Virgo during the luteal phase

The luteal phase is the phase of the menstrual cycle that follows ovulation, and thus precedes the return of menstruation.

According to astrology experts, for a woman with her Moon in Virgo, this is a period when energy and adrenaline gradually drop again. It's time to slow down and listen to your body! A woman with her Moon in Virgo will do well to find activities that allow her to let go and release tension.

The key words are: communication, a nutrient-rich diet and planning for the weeks ahead!

Virgo moon FAQ for women

What is the lunar sign of Virgo?

The Virgo lunar sign is associated with the Moon's position at the time of birth. The lunar sign of Virgo is therefore determined according to whether the Moon was in transition in the sign of Virgo at the time of birth. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Natives of this sign are known, in astrology, as materialistic and realistic, with a tendency to dissatisfaction and the will to always have more.

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