What is the influence of the Moon on our well-being?

Quelle est l'influence de la Lune sur notre bien-être ?

For thousands of years, the Moon has been a fascinating and mysterious star. Star of werewolves, friend of witches, religious figure for the Incas, this night star intrigues, it is the subject of many myths and fantasies. Can the Moon heal all ills ? Can it impact our well-being in a positive or negative way? We reveal everything you need to know in this article.

What are the positive effects of the Moon on our well-being?

Many beliefs and cultures affirm that the positive effects of the moon on the body depend a lot on the phase of the lunar cycle in which we are. It would thus bring well-being and could relieve body pains, period pains, trigger childbirth. Let's study together these beliefs in order to adapt one's diet, physical activity and "survive" the cycles of the Moon.

Cutting your hair on the evening of the full Moon

Cutting your hair during the waxing Moon, during the full Moon, would allow you tostimulate a fasterregrowth and to have thick, vigorous and strong hair. When the Moon is rising, the blood flow is more important and will nourish the hair roots with amino acids, mineral salts and vitamins.

Improving sports performance

The Moon would have an influence on the production of pH. This impacts the production of lactic acid which is stored in the muscles and joints and which leads tomuscle cramps, aches and painful joints. In addition, it is possible to feel a "flat battery" effect due to the magnetic radiation of the new Moon.

Impact of the Moon on the skin

A better quality of the epidermis, a reduction of dark circles, less pronounced wrinkles and a radiant skin would be the consequences of the impact of the Moon on the well-being and the body. The blood circulates better in the body, the microcirculation is activated without using jade roller or Gua Sha stone. Thus, it will give you a boost to the daily cleaning and moisturizing of your skin!

Are there any negative effects of the Moon on our well-being?

Unfortunately, the beneficial power of the Moon is counterbalanced by possible negative effects on our well-being. Let's see together what symptoms we experience and how to fight against the negative impacts of the night star.

Influence on mycoses and cystitis

The work of the physicist Jeanne Rousseau shows that the Moon has an impact on the pH. During the full Moon, the acidity of the pH would create afavorable ground for mycoses and fungi, an alkaline pH would favor cystitis and urinary infections.

Joint pain during the full Moon

The Moon would have an influence on the blood flow. When it is in its waning phase, the blood flow would be less important. This would limit the oxygenation of muscles and joints and would make them painful. People who suffer from arthritis and osteoarthritis can anticipate the arrival of pain with small massages and the consumption of alkaline products to reduce acidity in the body and reduce inflammation.

Influence of the Moon on weight gain

When the phase of the Moon is increasing, the body can be in a period of storage. The liver works harder than the kidneys and you expend less energy. Unlike the waning Moon phase where your body expends more calories and allows you to burn more fat. Between the two phases of the cycle, you can cleanse your body, drain your liver. Some people practice fasting to balance the different phases. Always talk to your health care professional before starting any deprivation!

What is the gravitational influence of the Moon on the body?

When the Moon is full, the electromagnetic field of the satellite would have an impact on our well-being by acting on our organs and our blood as it acts on the sea. Indeed, it would cause "internal micro tides" with the consequence of increasing the flow of all blood vessels. We would be in top shape! Remember that our body is composed of 65% of water!

On the other hand, the night star would impact our well-being and our energy. Its electromagnetic field would have an influence on the electrons of our body. The electric radiation would act on hormones through the endocrine system and thus partly on our brain.

Its orbit has a negative and a positive pole. Depending on the phases of the Moon's cycle, the lunar polarities are totally different:

  • During the last quarter of the Moon, we would be flat, without energy because of the magnetic
  • The electric waves of the full Moon would pump us up. Increasing also the libido!

Does the Moon affect our behavior?

As mentioned before, the moving star has an influence on our well-being, on our body and our behavior. During the full Moon, it has been observed more accidents, fights, earthquakes, tsunamis.

Morale and mood

It is known that on the nights of the full Moon, we sleep less well. We are therefore more tired and it is much more difficult to manage our emotions. Your well being is then impacted and you have a low morale and a drop in good mood. A feeling of depression can then set in.

Stress and anxiety

At the time of the full Moon, the electromagnetic radiation of the Earth's satellite makes us more irritable and nervous. The cycle of the satellite would have an effect on our emotions and our behavior. You could therefore sometimes be "moody". The expression "lunatic" designates someone who changes mood from one moment to the next , especially during the period of full moon. Some English lawyers of the XIX century pleaded that their clients were "guilty because of the full Moon" to exonerate them from their acts.


The star of the night has a strong influence on some people, because they suffer from luno-sensitivity . Being luno-sensitive means that a person is verysensitive to the different lunar phases and magnetic fields of the star. Depression, increased libido, restless sleep, painful periods would be exacerbated with its radiation and especially during the full Moon.

The FAQ of the Moon and the well-being

Why does the Moon act on us?

The Moon by its magnetic and electromagnetic field will create small tides in our body. This will have an impact on our well-being, on our mood, our stress, our skin, our joints, our libido.

What are the effects of the Moon on our sports performance?

The Moon will promote the secretion of pH, hormones and on our sleep. Depending on the phase of the Moon, sports performance can be increased or decreased.

What are the effects of the Moon on love and libido?

By influencing our hypothalamus, the gland that controls hormone secretion and in particular the production of testosterone that controls sexual desire, this celestial object would therefore impact our libido provoking more alchemy and sexual desires.

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