What influence does the Moon have on our well-being?

What influence does the Moon have on our well-being?

For thousands of years, the Moon has been a fascinating, mysterious star. As the star of werewolves, the friend of witches and a religious figure for the Incas, this night star intrigues and is the subject of many myths and fantasies. Can the Moon cure all ills ? Can it have a positive or negative impact on our well-being? We reveal all you need to know in this article.

What positive effects does the Moon have on our well-being?

Many beliefs and cultures assert that the positive effects of the moon on the body depend very much on the phase of the lunar cycle. lunar cycle you're in. It is said to bring well-being , and can relieve bodily aches and pains, periods, and trigger childbirth. Let's take a look at these beliefs and see how we can adapt our diet and physical activity to "survive" the Moon's cycles.

Cutting your hair on the evening of the full moon

Cutting your hair during the waxing and waning Moons willstimulate fasterregrowth and give you thick, vigorous, strong hair. With an ascending Moon, the blood flow is greater, nourishing the hair roots with amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Improve your sporting performance

The Moon is said to influence pH production. This affects the production of lactic acid , which is stored in muscles and joints, leading tomuscle cramps, aches and painful joints. It's also possible to feel a "flat battery" effect due to the magnetic radiation of the new Moon.

The Moon's impact on the skin

Better skin quality, fewer dark circles, less pronounced wrinkles and radiant skin are the consequences of the Moon's impact on the body and well-being. Blood circulates better in the body, microcirculation is activated without the use of jade rollers or Gua Sha stones. So it's a real boost to your skin's daily cleansing and moisturizing routine!

Are there any negative effects of the Moon on our well-being?

Unfortunately, the Moon's beneficial power is counterbalanced by possible negative effects on well-being. Let's take a look at some of these symptoms, and how we can combat the harmful effects of the night star.

Influence on mycoses and cystitis

The work of physicist Jeanne Rousseau shows that the Moon has an impact on pH. When the Moon is full, an acidic pH creates afavorable breeding ground for mycosis and fungus, while an alkaline pH promotes cystitis and urinary tract infections.

Joint pain during the full moon

The Moon is said to influence blood flow. When the Moon is in its waning phase, blood flow is reduced. This limits the oxygenation of muscles and joints, making them painful. Osteoarthritis and arthritis sufferers can anticipate the onset of pain by massaging and consuming alkaline products to reduce acidity in the body and reduce inflammation.

The Moon's influence on weight gain

When the Moon's phase is increasing, lhe body may be in a period of storage. The liver works harder than the kidneys, and you expend less energy. This is in contrast to the waning Moon phase , when your body burns more calories and allows you to release more fat. Between the two phases of the cycle, you can cleanse your body and drain your liver. Some people fast to balance the different phases. Always talk to your health professional before starting any deprivation!

What is the Moon's gravitational influence on the body?

When the Moon is full, the satellite's electromagnetic field is said to have an impact on our well-being , acting on our organs and blood in much the same way as it does on the sea. In fact, it would provoke "internal micro-tides" , resulting in increased flow in all blood vessels. We'd be in top form! Remember, our bodies are 65% water!

Conversely, the night star has an impact on our well-being and energy. Its electromagnetic field is said to influence our body's electrons. Electrical radiation is said to act on hormones via the endocrine system, and thus in part on our brain.

Its orbit has a negative and a positive pole . Depending on the phase of the Moon's cycle, the lunar polarities are completely different:

  • During the last quarter moon, we would be flat, with no energy due to the magnetics.
  • The electric waves of the full Moon are said to pump us up. It also increases libido!

Does the Moon affect our behavior?

As mentioned above, the moving star influences our well-being, our bodies and our behavior. During the full Moon, there have been more accidents, fights, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Morale and mood

It's a well-known fact that on full moon nights, we don't sleep as well. We're therefore more tired, and it's much harder to manage our emotions. As a result, your well-being is affected, and you feel down in the dumps . A feeling of depression can then s'set in.

Stress and anxiety

When the Moon is full, the electromagnetic radiation from the Earth's satellite makes us more irritable and nervous. The satellite's cycle is said to have an effect on our emotions and behavior. So you could be "moody" at times. In fact, the term "lunatic" refers to someone who changes mood from one moment to the next , particularly during periods of full moon. Some 19th-century English lawyers would plead that their clients were "guilty by reason of the full Moon" to exonerate them from their actions.


The night star has a strong influence on some people, as they suffer from luno-sensitivity . Being luno-sensitive means that a person is highlysensitive to the different lunar phases and magnetic fields of the star. Depression, increased libido, restless sleep and periods pain are all exacerbated by its rays, particularly during the full moon.

The moon and well-being FAQ

Why does the Moon affect us?

The Moon's magnetic and electromagnetic field creates tiny tides in our bodies. This will have an impact on our well-being, our mood, our stress, our skin, our joints and our libido.

How does the Moon affect our sporting performance?

The Moon favors the secretion of pH, hormones and sleep. Depending on the Moon's phase, sports performance may be enhanced or diminished.

How does the Moon affect love and libido?

By influencing our hypothalamus, the gland that controls hormone secretion and in particular the production of testosterone, which controls sexual desire, this celestial object would therefore impact our libido, provoking more alchemy and sexual desire.

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