Elia panties: review and crash test by @littlebunbao

Elia panties: review and crash test by @littlebunbao

Marie Cao, bilingual sign language professional and author specializing in the field of parenting, of the instagram account @littlebunbao, testifies and gives you her opinion on periods Elia's panties. 

Shorty Armande

Abundant flow

Marie, what do you think of your new periods routine with Elia? 

Léna: Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with you, Marie Cao, a bilingual sign language professional and author specializing in parenting. We're going to talk about your experience and your opinion of period pants bio Elia. Can you tell us about your journey with Elia and how you integrated this brand into your menstrual routine?

Marie: Hi! I discovered Elia panties at a time in my life when I was very concerned about what I put on my body, especially during my breastfeeding period. Everything I used had a direct impact on my breast milk, so I was very careful. That's how I came across Elia when I was looking for alternatives to disposable pads, which often contain toxic stuff like glyphosate and nanoparticles. 

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Léna: What attracted you to the French brand's panties?

Marie: The panties are made from organic cotton with hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic materials, which prevent bacteria from proliferating. They're super-practical too, so you don't have to change several times a day. You put your panties on in the morning and they protect you for 12 hours. What's more, from a financial point of view, periods knickers are much cheaper. I, for example, paid for my panties in just 4 cycles.

    Hortense panties

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    Why did you choose Elia?

    Léna: Why did you choose Elia out of all the brands available?

    Marie: Choosing a pair of period panties is a choice that depends on many factors to ensure that the product is of good quality. The materials used must be organic and natural, preferably certified, because the vagina is one of the most permeable areas of the body. What's more, opting for menstrual panties made from quality materials guarantees that they'll last a long time, which is great for the planet. For Elia, their fabric is made, cut and assembled directly in France, which reduces the carbon impact of their production and ensures transparency on manufacturing conditions.

      Philomène panties

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      The best menstrual lingerie according to Marie :

      Léna: And finally, which Elia lingerie model would you recommend?

      Marie: Personally, I prefer the wallet-shaped panties, the Simone double-breasted model. They hug your tummy and are super comfortable during periods, especially when you tend to be bloated. They fit perfectly and can even be used during pregnancy or after childbirth.

      Watch the video below:

      Simone high-waisted panties

      Medium to heavy flow

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