Love: what is a Virgo woman's sexual profile?

Love: what is a Virgo woman's sexual profile?

An earth sign, Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22. Its planet is Mercury. Virgos are often characterized as simple people who hate bling or vulgar things. Virgos prefer discretion.

The Virgo sign's astro sexual profile

Virgos are known for being perfectionists in general. But how does she function in love and sex? Discover thehoroscope of the sexual profile for the sign of Virgo.

Virgo and love

When it comes to feelings, Virgos tend not to reveal too much. She'll always prefer to bank on a stable relationship, rather than throwing herself into passionate but insecure ones. Before fully revealing themselves, Virgos need to feel emotionally secure . But if Virgos don't reveal themselves at first, once they've found a certain stability in love, they'll turn out to be full of little attentions.

One thing Virgos need to work on is their self-confidence in relationships. She often remains very anxious and doubtful of her partner. Halfway between unbearable and endearing, no matter how much her partner reassures her, her doubts persist. Virgos love and even need to know they're loved. They love long, beautiful declarations of love.

But the Virgo woman is also sensual and tender with the people she loves, and once she's gained trust it's easy for her to s'blossom as a couple, or in her various social circles.

Virgo and sexuality

When it comes to sexuality, Virgos listen to their desires and impulses. She tends to introspect first, to become aware of what she wants, and then to step back and take action. Once she understands what she wants, she can let go of her feelings. Virgos are very sensitive to aesthetics, even in sexual relations, and dislike vulgarity. She could easily be irritated by a word or action she deems inappropriate, preferring romance or cute things. She also needs to feel at ease with her partner to become complicit and be able to really express herself.

Virgo woman sexual profile FAQ

What are the Virgo woman's love compatibilities?

Virgo is compatible with several signs: Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio. Taurus is an earthy sign, like Virgo: two wholehearted, loyal signs with a good head on their shoulders and a tendency to close up to protect themselves. Cancer, like Virgo, is sensitive and a great romantic. Libra, who seeks above all peace in her life, will fit in perfectly with Virgo's calmness. And finally, Scorpio, like Virgo, is also very demanding and a perfectionist. For more information, please consult our page dedicated to sexual accounting according to horoscopes.

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