Love: what is the female sexual profile of Aquarius?

Amour : quel est le profil sexuel du Verseau chez la femme ?

Are you looking for a life partner or a night out? As an Aquarius woman, find out which zodiac signs match your personality and desires!

The sexual astro profile of the Aquarius sign

Aquarius is an air sign, corresponding to people born from January 21 to February 19. This sign is often described as the most intelligent of the zodiac. Aquarian women are avant-garde and very progressive. They make a point of respecting everyone's freedom of expression. If they're sometimes individualistic, it's for the good of the community. To better understand the Aquarian woman, here's a horoscope of her sexual profile.horoscope of her sexual profile.

Aquarius and love

In love, Aquarius is an unconventional sign. They can love in many different ways. However, it's important for them to share the same interests as their partner. The love they may feel is above all based on complicity, and absolutely not on physical appearance. For the Aquarian, it's unthinkable to be in a relationship based on interdependence with one's partner.

The Aquarian woman is very attached to her freedom and can't stand it if her partner limits her space. An overly possessive partner would be quickly discarded: freedom comes first. The ideal Aquarian relationship? A relationship based on mutual trust, where everyone is autonomous and free.

The Aquarian woman is rather endearing, fascinating for her willingness not to conform to what's expected of her, and unpredictable. But she also hides a sensitive, even hypersensitive side. The love to which Aquarians aspire is a love without limits, non-conforming.

As for Aquarius men, romance is not their strong point. For them, a simple candlelit dinner is not enough. For them, it's all about surprises and intrigue. And that's how the couple will last.

Intelligence is a quality to which Aquarians are very sensitive.

Aquarius and sexuality

Both in their daily lives and in their sexuality, Aquarians like to be surprised and think outside the box.

However, Aquarius women don't get carried away with the first kiss. They know how to keep a cool head while being spontaneous and acting on instinct. They rely on the sensations they feel to stay in control of the situation.

Aquarians like to try out new, unconventional things. They love the unexpected and have absolutely no fear of the unknown.

Dating an Aquarius can sometimes be tiring, as they act on instinct and emotion, sometimes being caught up in sudden and impatient excitement, sometimes aloof.

Aquarius woman sexual profile FAQ

What are the Aquarian woman's love compatibilities?

Aquarius women are compatible with Aries, a fire sign who will respond to her partner's intriguing demands. She's also compatible with Gemini, another air sign that likes to act on its impulses. Two Aquarians together are also a good match, and last but not least, Libra, a very creative and imaginative sign. However,sexual compatibility horoscopes strongly advise against relationships with Taurus and Virgo.

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