Love: what is a Taurus woman's sexual profile?

Amour : quel est le profil sexuel du Taureau chez la femme ?

Are you a Taurus woman? This earth sign is renowned for its stability and need for security. What are its aspirations, qualities and faults? How do they define themselves and what is their sexual profile? Elia tells you all you need to know!

The astro sexual profile of the Taurus sign

Taurus, for those born between April 21 and May 20, is the first Earth sign. Its planet is Venus. On the whole, Taurus women are sincere and faithful. Conformity doesn't bother them; on the contrary, for them it's synonymous with stability and is even reassuring. It's one of the most reliable signs in the zodiac. Taurus is defined as a sign that's content with life's little pleasures, bon vivant and very down-to-earth. To better understand the Taurus woman, here's a detailedhoroscope of her sexual profile.

Taurus and love

When it comes to love, Taureans are generally jealous and possessive. This flaw reflects one of their qualities: they're very loving with their loved ones.

Taurus women are also very demonstrative in love, and never lacking in little attentions to their partners. They like reassuring people, ready to make a long-term commitment. Among their aspirations, we generally find thegoal of building a family, their own family cocoon. For Taureans, there's no better proof of love than spending New Year's Eve surrounded by their children and partner. Their goal in life: to build their own little corner of paradise with the people they care about.

Taurus and sexuality

For Taurus women, it's hard to imagine sex without feelings. The more in love they are, the more receptive they'll be. Since Taureans like to be in control, if they don't feel anything, they're likely to remain distant and cold. For them to let themselves go, they need to feel trust and/or deep feelings.

They remain demanding and don't appreciate things being done in a hurry. With Taureans, you need to take your time, both during intercourse, and before and after. They are devoted, sensual and erotic lovers. It's important that their partners have confidence in them. It's also very important that all five senses are stimulated, and that tenderness is the order of the day.

Even if they appreciate life's pleasures, their sex life remains on the whole rather conventional.

Taurus woman sexual profile FAQ

What are Taurus women's love compatibilities?

Taurus women are compatible with several signs, but in particular the sign of Pisces. It's a tender, romantic sign, just like Taurus. They're also compatible with the sign of Libra, as they both share the same planet Venus. They'll know how to listen to each other's five senses. A horoscope sexual compatibility test will tell you more about your private interactions with the other signs.

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