Love: what is a Leo woman's sexual profile?

Love: what is a Leo woman's sexual profile?

Leo is the proudest sign of the zodiac. It's THE royal sign, for example, which some find proud, while others find charismatic. Behind this somewhat vain shell lies someone who is sensitive (sometimes), sympathetic and generous.

The sexual astro profile of the Leo sign

Being generous and proud Leo is the proudestsign of the zodiac. Their passion? To be admired. But behind their overbearing, conceited exterior lie many sympathetic qualities. Discover thehoroscope of the sexual profile for the sign of Leo.

Leo and love

The Leo woman sees love as love with a capital A. She likes to feel that she's the only one, that she has no competition. She likes to feel that she's the only one, that she has no competition. She also likes to feel admired and recognized.

Leos like to feel they're liked, even when they're in a relationship. Be careful not to fall into infidelity...

When she starts a family, it's important for her to know that her family is like her private property. Besides, Leos don't necessarily aspire to a tidy family life. In all their social circles, Leos are selfless givers and loyalists. Admiration is very important to her: she likes to be admired by those closest to her, and to admire those closest to her.

Leo and sexuality

With Leo, sexuality is very important and is above all a matter of performance and self-assertion. There's no room for taboos or complexes. They're all about pleasure and satisfaction, and don't really ask themselves any questions.

The Leo woman can be seen as a hunter. She prefers to take action and find her own prey. It may not be easy, but she loves a challenge. She's not interested in people who don't talk back, preferring people who assert themselves. She's not into the easy way out; she prefers strong relationships.

On the other hand, the Leo woman feels the need to be admired, especially for her looks. This can lead to conflict if a partner seems reticent towards her... She could take it as an insult to her beauty. The gaze of others is very important for Leo. But be careful not to live only through the eyes of society...

FAQs on the sexual profile of the Leo woman

What are the love compatibilities of the Leo woman?

Leo is particularly compatible with Aries, Libra, Cancer and Sagittarius. Fire signs like Aries, their ardor, courage and willpower make them a perfect match. Just be careful not to get into a power struggle over who dominates the other. With Libra, it's a taste for aesthetics and beauty that brings them together. For Leo, Libra is ideal because it's easy to get along with. Cancer is also very compatible with Leo: they both have a sense of family. Finally, Sagittarius is in the same energy as Leo, so they understand each other. For more information, please consult our page dedicated to sexual compatibility according to horoscopes.

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