Love: what is the female Cancer sexual profile?

Amour : quel est le profil sexuel du Cancer chez la femme ?

Cancer corresponds to people born between June 22 and July 22. The Cancer sign's planet is the Moon. A water sign, Cancer can be described as dreamy, sensitive and almost a little reserved. How do they function in love? We'll explain.

The astro sexual profile of the Cancer sign

Cancer women are generally very discreet and feminine. She doesn' t like to attract attention. She remains rather cautious by nature, without overdoing it to keep a low profile. Discover thehoroscope of the sexual profile of the Cancer sign.

Cancer and love

In love, Cancer can quickly come across as shy, almost uptight. In reality, this hides another personality trait: Cancerians attach themselves quickly and intensely to people. They can quickly develop amorous feelings and even addictions of sorts. On the other hand, you mustn't ask them to show and prove their feelings, otherwise they tend to close in on themselves. Her ideal couple? Based on values of mutual freedom. However, a Cancer woman will tend to thrive on a solid family life, providing protection and love to her loved ones, like a protective, caring mother.

Cancer women are also real seductresses, protective and ready to do a lot for the person they love. Cancer can be described as lovers of love.

Cancer and sexuality

For sensitive Cancerians, sexual fulfillment is difficult if they're not on the same wavelength as their partner.

When it comes to sex, Cancer women follow the rhythm and flow of their moods, so they're not exactly consistent in their desires.

Cancer women are often very attached to men with a strong father figure and image. As such, they will easily attach themselves to and seek out figures with a strong shoulder and a protective demeanor and temperament.

In their relationships, Cancer women have an overflowing imagination: their fantasies are among the wildest: it's impossible to get bored with a Cancer woman!

The Cancer woman's sexual profile FAQ

What are the Cancer woman's love compatibilities?

Cancer women are compatible with several signs, such as Taurus, which also generally aspires to start a family. It's also a romantic and sensitive sign, like you. Cancer is also compatible with Virgo: for its composed, structured and calm side. Finally, it's compatible with other water signs like Scorpio and Pisces. For more information, please consult our page dedicated to sexual compatibility according to horoscopes.

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